Alaska Airlines baggage handler is caught on camera hurling suitcases from the plane’s hold at LAX


A baggage handler with Alaska Airlines was caught on camera chucking passenger’s suitcases to the ground directly from the plane’s hold.

One case after another was thrown to the floor without any care or attention as the ground handling agent, based at LAX attempted to get the bags off the aircraft as quickly as possible.

Despite having a waiting luggage cart directly below the cargo hold, and with the man seemingly in a good position from which to perform his task, it should have been a relatively easy operation.

However, case after case simply missed the platform and ended up tumbling onto the tarmac.  

The video was taken May 16 and originally posted to Twitter by Raz Davidov,

‘Taken place at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, one of the Alaska Airlines workers was carelessly throwing luggage out of the plane. This is unacceptable!’ he wrote.

Some Twitter users called the situation ‘typical’ and went on to describe their own luggage grievances.  

‘They don’t get paid enough for the amount of work that they do,’ one user wrote. ‘Tell @AlaskaAir TO HIRE AND PAY THEIR STAFF PROPERLY.’

‘That’s dropping, not throwing,’ another commented. ‘I see a guy working that doesn’t have the proper equipment. Such a massive 5 ft drop for luggage designed to handle such issues. #fauxoutrage.’

Ray Lane, a spokesman for the airline, called the video ‘extremely concerning’ and apologized to the customers who bags were ‘handled so recklessly.’ 

In a statement, Alaska Airlines said that the man handling the luggage was a contract vendor and would not be allowed to work for the airline again.

‘The video is extremely concerning. The contract vendor clearly violated our policies,’ the statement read.

‘We expect all employees to treat the luggage and cargo of our guests as they would their own. We apologize to our guests whose baggage was handled so recklessly.’

Alaska Airlines has said that it has launched an investigation into the incident. 


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