Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows electric rickshaw trucks to announce the launch of 10,000 in India


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is launching a fleet of 10,000 all-electric rickshaws Prime delivery trucks in Indian to combat climate change.

The tech tycoon commemorated the roll out by sharing a video on his Instagram with a post that reads, ‘Hey, India. We’re rolling out our new fleet of electric delivery rickshaws. Fully electric. Zero carbon. #ClimatePledge’.

Amazon is set to have 100,000 of the eco-friendly vehicles roaming the streets over the next decade, which it says will save four million metric tons of carbon.

The 30-second clip shows Bezos hops into one of the vehicles, complete with a license plate that reads ‘Jeff’, and leads a team of delivery drivers through a grassy area to show of the vehicle’s capabilities. 

Bezos said last week during his visit to India, ‘the 21st century is going to be an Indian century’, while revealing his company’s profile to help create a $10 billion market for Indian exports by 2025.

The automobiles include three- and four-wheeled models that were both designed and built in India.

Amazon hopes its electric vehicles will reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact of delivery operations in the Asian country.

‘Amazon India has been working with several Indian OEMs to build a fleet of vehicles that ensure sustainable and safe deliveries of customer orders,’ the firm shared in a statement.

Significant progress in the Indian e-mobility industry in the last few years has led to advanced technology, and superior motor and battery components.’

‘In addition, the government’s focus to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in the country, and steps towards setting up of charging infrastructure with the FAME 2 policy has helped the company accelerate and chart its vision for EVs in India.’

In 2020, these vehicles will operate in over 20 cities of India – Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur and Coimbatore to name a few, and this number will continue to grow.

Akhil Saxena, Vice President, Customer Fulfillment – APAC & Emerging Markets, Amazon, said ‘At Amazon India, we are committed to building a supply chain that will minimize the environmental impact of our operations.’

‘The expansion of our Electric Vehicle fleet to 10,000 vehicles by 2025 is an integral milestone in our journey to become an energy efficient leader in the industry.’

‘We will continue to invest in the electrification of our delivery fleet, thereby reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources.’ 

The announcement comes when Bezos and and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez visited Indian, where the CEO was met by furious protests the day after his arrival by street traders who claim the e-commerce giant is destroying their livelihoods. They waved placards saying ‘Jeff Bezos, Go back.’

After arriving Tuesday, Bezos paid tribute to India’s independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, dressing in an Indian kurta to lay flowers at a memorial in Delhi.

Bezos and Sanchez then appeared at a party in Mumbai two days later alongside actors and actresses from India’s colossal film industry.

Later on Thursday, Bezos posted video onto his Instagram account showing him flying a kite alongside Indian teens.

‘Any day is a good day when you get to fly a kite,’ Bezos wrote in the caption.

He ended the caption with the hashtag #ThankYouIndia.



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