Animal rescuers save tiny kitten trapped between two walls after chipping away the bricks


This is the heartwarming moment a kitten stuck between two cement walls is saved by a team of rescuers.  

Gaby Lera and Ernesto Poblano from the LA Animal Services SMART used a hammer and chisel to break down a piece of the concrete and extract the little cat on June 3 in Los Angeles.

A video of the rescue shows the kitten mewing repeatedly in a tiny gap between the two walls, with dirt and dust appearing to have forced its eyes shut.   

Ms Lera is then seen chipping at a piece of the wall with a hammer and chisel.

When she has created a small gap, she puts her hand in and pulls the kitten out.

The poor animal is then held up to the camera, and both of its eyes are weeping.

It is then shown eating gratefully from a cardboard bowl at the LA Animal Service Centre.  

A spokesman from SMART, Armando Navarrete said: ‘It took our staff about 30 minutes to chisel the cement wall then finally reach in and rescue the kitten.

‘He was fine, just had a few crusts around his eyes but nothing wrong medically.’



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