Antonio Brown LOSES lawsuit against condo owner after destroying his apartment in 2018


Embattled NFL free agent Antonio Brown is facing another legal problem after a Florida judge ruled that he is liable for damages at the $35,000-a-month Miami apartment he rented in 2018 before destroying much of the furnished unit and throwing items off the balcony into the pool area below.

Security video from the incident shows furniture crashing down from above, although Brown is not seen in that footage. The landlord’s attorneys did submit pictures wreckage from within the unit, which he previously assessed at around $80,000. 

The judge filed a partial summary on Friday, as the amount of damages is still being contested.

In any case, Brown was found liable for breaching his lease by causing damage to the unit and its contents, and for the rent money the landlord lost when the apartment needed to be repaired over the following four months.

Brown is also responsible for paying the attorney’s fees for the landlord, although those too have yet to be determined.

TMZ was the first to report the ruling, which was confirmed to the Daily Mail by the landlord’s attorney.

George A. Minski, the attorney representing the company that owns the 47-story Acqualina complex, said in September that his client was seeking $15,000 in damages, adding that the real cost was much higher.

‘In addition to almost $80,000 in property damage, there’s the claim for the lost use of the unit in the three months it took [to renovate it],’ Minski told Miami’s WSVN.

In the security footage obtained by WSVN, furniture can be seen falling into the Acqualina pool from one of the apartments above. The station reports that Brown was the person throwing the furniture off the apartment balcony.

Residents can be seen scrambling for cover as three or four sizable pieces of furniture rained down around them.

There were no reported injuries, although a family did sue Brown claiming his projectiles nearly landed on a 22-month-old child. The two sides in that case have reportedly settled.

‘The landlord went back in, and it looked [like]there had been a real large college party in the unit,’ said Minski, as quoted by CBS Pittsburgh. ‘Furniture was askew, walls were broken, doors were broken, mirrors were broken, lamps were turned over, scratches on the floors. This is a furnished unit with custom furniture, leather sofas, silk love seats, very high-end furnishings, appliances, and there’s damage in every room.’

‘You see the furniture landing in the pool, landing in the pool deck, people scrambling,’ Minski told WSVN.

According to Minski, the furniture fell into the pool while Brown was trashing the apartment.

‘Our lawsuit is about the damage that was done to the apartment on that day,’ he said.

Brown responded with his own countersuit last year, claiming his apartment was burglarized in April of that year because of a lack of security on the premises.

The condo board at The Mansions at Acqualina asked Brown to vacate the apartment after determining that his behavior violated the association’s rules.

In a related-but-separate lawsuit, Brown was also sued by the family who claims he nearly crushed their 22-month-old child when he threw the aforementioned furniture off his balcony at the Miami apartment.

Brown reportedly reached an agreement with the family and put money in the child’s college fund in addition to making a donation to a charity.

Obviously these are just a few of the legal issues Brown has faced legally.

Last month police were called to his Hollywood, Florida home after a moving company truck driver accused him of battery and burglary. Brown turned himself in on January 23 and has since been released as he awaits trial.

In September Brown was sued in federal court by his former personal trainer, Britney Taylor, who claimed he sexually assaulted her and raped her over three incidents in 2017 and 2018, while he was still a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has since dropped that lawsuit and refiled in Florida.

Brown was cut by the Oakland Raiders in training camp after several conflicts with team executives, and was released by the New England Patrios in September after playing in only a single game. The Patriots never officially explained their reasoning for releasing Brown, but he was cut shortly after he was accused by an unidentified woman of sexual harassment.

He’s also had several run ins with the mother of his children. Most recently police were called to his Hollywood, Florida home during a dispute between the two that resulted in him recording himself throwing penis-shaped candy at the woman and reporting officers.

Brown recently apologized in a radio interview to his former Steelers teammates for causing many distractions during his tenure with the team.


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