Bad idea! Moment toddler realises the jalapeno pepper she has been happily munching is REALLY hot


A little girl was caught off guard after munching through a jalapeno pepper that turned out to be really spicy.

The footage was recorded by mother-of-two Jennie Jean at the family home in Rancho Cordova, California, in January.

In the video, her two-year-old daughter Aurewen can be seen standing in the kitchen in a pink onesie while holding a jalapeno in her left hand.

Jennie asks her ‘what have you got?’ as Aurewen proudly shows off the green chili pepper which is already missing a bite. 

The toddler puts the jalapeno back in her mouth and continues to chew nonchalantly.

She repeatedly shows the vegetable to her mother and dances around on the spot. 

Jennie asks her daughter if it is good and Aurewen nods enthusiastically. 

Her mother then adds: ‘Is it spicy?’

The little girl shakes her head and goes in for another huge bite which causes an audible crunch.  

She continues to mutter and dance gleefully until suddenly she comes to a complete stop.

Aurewen stares off into the distance as Jennie readjusts the camera to zoom in on her face and capture her expression.

Her mouth wobbles briefly before looking up toward her mother.

She begins to cough fiercely before spitting the half-chewed jalapeno out into her right hand.

Jennie reaches out to grab the rest of the jalapeno from her, which is where the video ends. 

The clip was originally posted to Facebook by Jennie Jean as well as to a YouTube channel dedicated to Aurewen and her five-year-old sibling Madelynn, titled Spieks Sisters.

It was met with some criticism by social media users who said that allowing a toddler to eat a chili pepper was dangerous. 

But the mother-of-two reassured critics that Aurewen was fine once she spat the remnants out and that she had even tried to go back for more. 


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