Biological mom and family of missing 11-year-old make tearful plea for help


The family of missing Gannon Stauch have released an emotional call for anyone with information on the 11-year-old’s disappearance to come forward.

Video shows his biological mom, Landen Hiott, choke back tears 11 days after her son vanished, as she pleads: ‘A kid just doesn’t disappear and no one sees him. 

‘So if you have anything that’s credible, if you’re afraid, don’t worry about it. Imagine my son. Imagine how afraid he is.’ 

The plea posted online by El Paso County comes after surveillance footage emerged on Wednesday appearing to show the Gannon getting into a car with his stepmom – who previously said she last saw him at home when she reported him missing on January 27. 

In the family’s new video Hiott sits beside Gannon’s dad, Albert Stauch, and younger sister, Laina Stauch, as she vows not to give up hope.

Hiott speaks of her son’s love of telling jokes and being ‘silly’ before saying: ‘I’m afraid I may never ever see that again. 

‘For him not to be able to talk to his sister has to be hurting him,’ she continues.

At the end of the video Laina tells her brother: ‘I love you, Bubba.’

Police categorized Gannon as a runaway when he was first reported missing, but later upgraded his status to a missing/endangered person’s case, ABC News reported.

Reasons for the upgrade include his age, the amount of time that has passed, the cold weather and because Gannon needs his medication.

Fifty people were searching Gannon’s neighborhood of Lorson Ranch on Sunday as the FBI joined in on the case.   

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said Leticia reported that the boy walked to a friend’s house but then disappeared.

A neighbor shared video footage with Stauch’s father, Albert, that he said shows Gannon leaving with his stepmother on Monday morning and not returning home.  

Roderrick Drayton, the neighbor who’s camera picked up the footage, claims Gannon’s father broke down in tears after he saw the video.

He said the beginning of the clip shows Leticia backing a pickup truck into the driveway before Gannon leaves the house a short time later to get in the backseat.

Drayton added that his surveillance camera then showed Leticia returning home around 2.19pm, getting out of the truck and going inside the house, but Gannon is not seen.

Footage from 2.19pm to the time Gannon was reportedly last seen is not available, but the sheriff’s office said earlier this week officers had no surveillance video showing the boy leaving the property.

Drayton said when he showed the clip to Albert Stauch, he burst into tears and accused his ex-wife of ‘lying’ about Gannon walking to a friend’s house.

The neighbor told ABC News: ‘I caught Gannon [on camera]getting into her vehicle at 10.13 Monday morning.

‘He [Albert Stauch] just broke down crying and said, ”she lied, she lied about the time. He didn’t go to a friend’s house”.’

Letecia also known as ‘Tecia’, was the last person to see Gannon and denied having anything to do with his disappearance.  

She says she has received death threats after Facebook groups dedicated to finding the boy have accused her of being ‘missing’ .

‘I took care of Gannon for the last two years in our home because his mother didn’t want to do it,’ she told KKTV.

‘I would never ever, ever hurt this child…these people have these conspiracy theories…I’m like, ‘Why are you saying Gannon is dead?’ He is not dead. We are going to find Gannon.’

Letecia maintained that the entire family has been involved in the search for Gannon.

She added: ‘I’m just ready for Gannon to come home. Most importantly for him to see his family, but second, I am going to be so ecstatic when I’m able to say to people that I hope they have a really sincere apology for all these theories that have [come]out online.’      

More than 300 citizen volunteers and 160 volunteers from supporting military agencies have helped search the area. 

Gannon was last seen wearing a blue jacket, black jeans and sneakers. He has brown eyes, brown hair, is 90 pounds and stands around four-feet and nine inches.


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