Boy, four, dangling from window grille by the neck is saved after neighbour holds him for 40 minutes


A four-year-old boy found dangling by his neck from a window grille has been saved by a heroic neighbour in central China. 

Video of the incident shows the youngster hanging in mid-air with his head wedged between the metal bars outside his third-storey flat in Huixian, Henan province last Tuesday.

The boy’s mother had left him alone at home while she went out to take driving lessons, according to Chinese reports.

The youngster woke up from his nap and was looking for his mother when he climbed out of the window and slipped through the metal bars, according to Dahe Daily. 

Neighbours in the Jingxiu residential district rushed to the boy’s aid as soon as they discovered him struggling. Others alerted building management and emergency services.

Footage shows at least five men joining in the rescue operation, with one of them standing on top of a ladder balanced precariously on two gas pipes on the side of the building. 

The man was seen propping the boy up with his bare hands to relieve pressure off his neck. 

The heroic neighbour ended up supporting the boy for nearly 40 minutes until firefighters arrived, according to video news site Pear.

The man, identified as Lu Junwei, told reporters that he saw the boy trapped high up and furiously kicking his legs.

‘I grabbed a blanket to catch him in case he fell, but he continued to struggle and his face was all red,’ he said. 

‘Then I ran to grab my ladder and held him up while clinging onto one of burglar bars,’ he added. 

Firefighters eventually arrived on scene and expanded the metal bars with hydraulic tools before lifting the boy back to safety inside.

The child was not injured during the scare and his mother returned to the flat shortly after, according to the report.

She later brought gifts to her neighbours and thanked them for their efforts in rescuing her son, the report added.


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