Boy is tossed out of a third-storey window by mother after being born out of wedlock


A young mother has been detained by police for tossing her newborn son out of a third-storey window in south China. 

The boy landed on a balcony a floor below and was rescued by horrified neighbours who heard the infant crying.

Police told Chinese media that the 22-year-old woman gave birth out of wedlock on Saturday and chucked the baby out of the flat after cutting his umbilical cord. The boy was rushed to hospital and in stable condition, according to reports. 

Neighbours in the residential building in Changsha, Hunan province said they heard intermittent cries coming from the balcony and thought it was a cat, according to The Paper. 

‘I arrived at work at about 8:30am and one of my colleagues, who is a mother, recognised the sound as a baby’s cry,’ one witness told video news site Pear.

‘We looked out of the flat and was so shocked to see a baby lying on the balcony. I was in tears,’ she said, adding that they immediately called police. 

They also asked a man to reach the balcony with a ladder. Another woman climbed up and carefully carried the infant down, according to reports.

Video footage shows the woman holding the baby wrapped in a white blanket as she and other residents waited for authorities to arrive.

The female resident later said doctors confirmed the baby to be in stable condition and did not suffer from any injuries. 

‘The doctor said to me, “You don’t have gloves on and your hands are covered in blood. Haven’t you thought of the risks of HIV transmission?” she said.

‘I said to him, ‘I was just thinking about rescuing the baby – I wasn’t thinking about HIV or anything like that!’ she told reporters. 

The young mother, identified by her surname Fu, moved to the provincial capital from Taojiang county for work, according to The Paper.

The woman gave birth to the boy alone in the flat, cut his umbilical cord and threw him out of the window, according to the report quoting an official.

She is currently under police investigation.


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