Burglars fail to break into Florida store despite striking the window 56 times with a hammer


A pair of amateur would-be burglars were caught on camera trying 56 times to smash a Florida store window with a hammer before giving up. 

Security footage from the Daytona Spyshop in Daytona Beach shows the two masked and hooded men pull up in a silver 2019 Chevrolet Camaro at around 1am on Sunday. 

One of the men then starts to repeatedly strike the window with the hammer, but the shatter-resistant glass holds firm. He tries multiple angles, using both hands and even overhead blows, but to no avail. 

The two then appear to have given up and begin walking away – only to decide to return for one last unsuccessful attempt. 

In total, the glass – which comprises a mix of polymers and glass and is specially designed to survive hurricanes – resisted 56 separate hammer blows.

Store owner and private investigator Rick Raymond said he arrived at work on Monday morning to find the front window full of cracks but still in the frame. 

‘Of all the places to break into a spy shop doesn’t seem to be the brightest idea,’ he said. 

‘Had they made it in that’s when their day would have gotten worse, because there are so many cameras in here.’ 

At least 25 cameras are concealed around the store and Raymond said they once picked up 12 angles on a man who made a payment using a fraudulent bank card.

Raymond also said he does not believe the incident was a random ‘smash & grab’, but rather that the two men had specifically targeted the store for its ‘high-end electronics, GPS trackers, hidden cameras, audio recorders’.

He believes the attempted burglars may be the same two men who visited last week and behaved strangely – asking for simple devices that are available almost anywhere rather than the more sophisticated gear sold at Raymond’s spy store.   

He added that the two suspicious men fit the physical description of the burglars and has filed a report with Daytona Beach police.  

Raymond says he will replace the damaged front window – but it will cost him around $1,000. 

Still he says it is a worthwhile investment. 

‘I mean if it can withstand a 150 mph hurricane force wind it can withstand a ball-peen hammer from some kid trying to break in,’ he said. 


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