Butt out! Goats go head-to-head safely after owner covers their horns with pool noodles 


A goat owner has found a novel way to help his goats sort out their differences without harming each other – he put pool noodles over their horns.

Daniel Lasher recorded goats Jimin and Yoghurt butting each other at his home in Lorena, Texas, with the pink and blue foam swimming aids on their heads.  

In the comic video, the goats can be seen standing outside on the patio with acres of green grass around them.

Yoghurt, who is predominately white, has pink pool noodles attached to her horns while Jimin, the black and white goat, has blue headgear.

The pair begin to spar against one another as Yoghurt rears up on to her hind legs and tilts her horns in Jimin’s direction.

She then shifts her body weight and plunges towards her opponent repeatedly.  

The pair bump heads but neither seems deterred with the pool noodles lessening the impact.

Jimin retaliates and rises up before Yoghurt takes a few steps backward to avoid the worst of the blow.

The dueling duo continue as Mr Lasher lets out a chuckle in the background, which causes both goats to pause momentarily and look in his direction.

But they are soon back at it and continue to clash into each other. 

Mr Lasher said that a friend had originally asked him to care for Jimin when the goat lost her mother.

He then bought Yoghurt to keep Jimin company but the pair did not get along well.

The newcomer, who was older, began trying to assert dominance by butting Jimin which prompted Mr Lasher to find a way for the goats to sort out their differences safely.

He eventually decided to use pool noodles to cover Yoghurt’s horns to protect Jimin from any serious damage. 

But he said that Jimin ‘seemed left out’ and so got some for her as well.

Now Mr Lasher puts the buffers on ‘once in a while for them to have fun’ and says that with the noodles ‘they seem to feel more boisterous and playful’.

The video is thought to have originally been recorded in March 2019 but was not shared online until recently. 

Young goats tend to headbutt each other in play while older goats do it to establish dominance and determine their position within the herd. 


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