California man convicted of sexually assaulting girl skipped sentencing to see woman in Michigan


A California man convicted of sexually assaulting a child in the state was arrested in Michigan where he’d fled to meet a 22-year-old woman. 

A jury in Sacramento, California, convicted Michael Alan Khatoonian of multiple charges in December 2019, related to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl. 

Before he could be sentenced, however, Khatoonian left California and traveled to Michigan, to meet with a 22-year-old woman, authorities said.

Michigan State Police and the US Marshals tracked Khatoonian down in Tuscola County and arrested him, according to a post on the county’s Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.  

State Police confirmed to that Khatoonian and the woman – who has not been named – became friends online and that she was unaware of his actual identity because he had used an alias when communicating with her.  

The woman lived in Cass City, Michigan, which is within Tuscola County.  

Authorities told WNEM that it did not appear that anything criminal had occurred while Khatoonian was in Cass City.  

He is now awaiting extradition back to California. 

Khatoonian was convicted of two counts of sexually assaulting a child under 10, two counts of forcible sexual abuse and one count of lewd and lascivious touching of a child younger than 14 years old. 

The Sacramento District Attorney’s Office said in a December 2019 media alert that the incidents took place while Khatoonian was at his home with the victim’s mother and her 10-year-old daughter. 

The DA said that Khatoonian ‘sexually assaulted the 10-year-old daughter when her mother was in the bathroom and also when her mother was sitting on the other side of Khatoonian on the couch.’ 

It was also noted that Khatoonian had prior strike convictions. One dated back to 2000 and involved battery causing serious bodily injury. The other conviction was from 2006 for arson on an inhabited structure.

California has a Three Strikes sentencing law, which states that if a defendant was convicted of any felony with two or more prior strikes, the penalty will be a mandated state prison term of at least 25 years to life. 

The DA’s office said that Khatoonian faced a maximum sentence of 85 years to life in prison for the sexual assault charges he was convicted on. 

It’s unclear if additional charges will be lobbed against him for his flight to Michigan.   


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