Cheer team is suspended for the rest of the year after getting into a brawl with another squad


An Illinois cheerleading squad has been suspended for the remainder of the season after getting into a massive brawl with a team from across the Mississippi river. 

Videos taken by City Of Champions TV shows the East St. Louis Sr. High School cheerleading team performing ‘dueling routines’ against a squad from Trinity Catholic High School during the Alton Shootout at Alton High School on Saturday. 

The two sides can be seen performing their routines but each time the East St. Louis team does their number, they take several steps into the other’s area. 

Eventually, a member from the Trinity team gets in the face of the girls from East St. Louis. That prompts her teammates to quickly come up and try to pull her away. 

But she charges at the group and a massive brawl ensues, with parents and school personnel rushing to the court to pull the two groups apart. 

East St. Louis Superintendent Arthur R. Culver released a statement saying strong action was taken in determining how to discipline the team. 

‘We expect our teams to conduct themselves in a manner that will protect the safety of athletes, officials, coaches and spectators at sporting events,’ he said in a statement to KSDK.

‘We regret that our cheerleading team did not conduct themselves in a manner commensurate with these expectations. After a thorough investigation, consequences were administered which resulted in the immediate conclusion of the cheerleading season for this school year. We will not lower our expectations and will consistently take strong action when safety and sportsmanship is compromised.’ 

The Archdiocese of St. Louis also released a statement saying that school leadership would look into the incident. 

‘The Archdiocese of St Louis is aware of the altercation,’ they said in the statement. ‘This incident does not align with the mission of the school and church teaching. We are confident school leadership is taking the necessary steps to make sure something like this will never happen again.’    

Duncan Allen, who films most of the games for East St. Louis and runs the City of Champions TV channel, said that the girls should get another break. 

‘In East St. Louis, we just want to condemn our kids for any little wrong they do and forget about the good that they’ve done. These girls have carried themselves with class all year long, and with one problem, they’re suspended the rest of the season,’ he said. 



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