Cops remove 2 passengers from plane over personal WiFi hotspot called ‘remote detonator’ 


An airplane waiting to take off was put on lockdown over a possible bomb threat when a passenger called their personal WiFi hot spot ‘remote detonator.’ 

The incident occurred the night of January 16 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on board an already delayed GoJet flight operating as a Delta Connection flight headed for Montreal. 

Passenger Aaron Greenberg, 47, of Seattle, Washington, told the Detroit Free Press that the frightening incident kicked off after flight attendants repeatedly called for people to turn off their personal WiFi hot spots.  

When that didn’t work, the flight attendants announced that they would call police if the hot spots weren’t turned off.  

Greenberg, a Microsoft executive who was on his way to Montreal for a work meeting, caught what happened next on video and shared it via Instagram Stories. 

In one of the clips, an eerily calm flight attendant can be heard making an overhead announcement saying: ‘We have a situation in the back of the aircraft. The police will be coming on board to assess the situation, I need everyone in their seats with their seat belts fastened.’

In a series of additional announcements the flight attendant says that they will be keeping the plane door closed and tells passengers to stay seated and to leave their carry-on luggage stowed. 

The flight attendant also says that ‘fire and rescue are putting together a plan for us right now’ and that passengers would eventually be deplaned along with their luggage.   

Additional clips, which were posted on the thecityofdearborn Instagram account, showed authorities walking through the back of the plane and the flight attendant stating that: ‘The good news is that everything’s okay, everyone’s safe, our aircraft is secure. The FBI is here with us.’ 

Greenberg said that about 10 emergency vehicles, with their lights on, surrounded the airplane at one point.

He said that ‘I, at first, thought there was someone really dangerous on the back of the plane, because the pilot said they were dealing with someone in the back.’

He said that authorities removed two people from the plane, but brought them back to the plane. 

A man, wearing shorts, and a woman, who Greenberg said appeared to be in their 30s, were then taken off the plane, along with their carry-on luggage. Those two passengers were not returned to the flight.  

Greenberg said that the flight attendant told them that the issue was due to a personal WiFi spot that had been called ‘remote detontator’ that was not turned off, despite calls for that to be done.  

A Wayne County Airport Authority spokesperson told the Detroit Free Press that law enforcement had arrived at the airport out of caution and took two passengers – a 42-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man – off the flight.

Both people were from Quebec and were held for questioning before being released pending additional investigation.  

The flight was delayed for more than three hours and departed for Montreal at 1.40am Friday.         

Officials are not confirming the name of the WiFi hot spot connection.   


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