Curious seals and sea lions playfully nip at divers’ heads, hands and flippers


A group of avid divers have documented their playful interactions with sea lions and seals. 

William Drumm, 34, and friends Ryan Miller, Maxwell Hohn and Roseanne Keat interact with the animals in the sea around Monterey, in California, and Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. 

In the amazing footage, the seals are seen playfully biting a diver’s head, hands and flippers.

The diver puts out an arm and the seal clamps its jaws around their hand, but does not bite hard. 

In another scene, one of the group hangs in the water as several seals swim around and above them.

The creatures seem fascinated by the group and seem to sniff them with their large noses, which are covered in whiskers. 

One sea lion then appears fascinated by the extended light from the divers’ camera. 

It seems to sniff at it as the light falls on its face, before it puts out a flipper and pushes the light pole away. 

The final clip shows a seal gracefully swimming towards the camera before another seal nuzzles at the camera with its whiskered nose.  

Mr Drumm, an avid scuba diver and ocean photographer, said the animals act ‘just like big puppies’.

Mr Drumm said: ‘It is so much fun interacting with these amazing animals.

‘They are so intelligent and social and you can see them making decisions and figuring things out.

‘They behave so much like dogs, it really is something else.’

William’s brilliant footage varies from sleepy sea lions comically resting on the surface of the water after a large meal to William’s friends being incessantly pestered by the intelligent mammals.

William said: ‘The young harbour seals were just fascinated by my dive buddy David Smith.

‘The seals were biting his fins, sneaking up behind him and nuzzling him, and then one even became fascinated by his camera and underwater light.

‘They are just like big puppies, just trying to play with us. They would even grab rocks in their mouths and then drop them, almost like a dog trying to get you to throw it a stick.


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