Demi Lovato will host her own talk show aimed to engage in ‘frank conversations’


After her crowd-pleasing comeback performances at the Grammy Awards and Super Bowl, Demi Lovato is onto her next project.

The 27-year-old Anyone singer has confirmed she is going to be hosting her own talk show, tackling issues including gender identity, body positivity and addiction. 

The 10-episode series has the working title Pillow Talk With Demi Lovato, which may be workshopped down the line. 

While the title is tentative, fans should expect her to engage in candid conversations with other stars and topic experts, while hosting the upcoming talk show on the streaming platform Quibi. 

‘I’ve always considered myself someone that speaks honestly about issues that face my generation,’ Lovato said in a statement reported by E! News. 

‘We’re excited to bring those frank conversations to a public forum, where people can have the opportunity to relate to the topics and guests, while finding room for laughter and learning,’ she added.

The singer-actress’ return in front of the cameras comes after a recent stint on Will & Grace, after previously starring in her own Disney series Sonny With A Chance and Disney’s massive hit movie Camp Rock.  

In 2017, she showed her vulnerability in a confessional documentary called Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated on YouTube, which explored the depths of her battles against addiction, bipolar disorder and eating disorders. 

In 2018, she relapsed after six years of sobriety and was hospitalized after suffering a near fatal overdose. 

She was reported to have overdosed on oxycodone possibly laced with fentanyl before being revived with naloxone. The singer was revived and rushed to the hospital before spending weeks at a rehab facility.

Last month, the star returned to the stage for her first performance since the overdose at the Grammy Awards with a song she called a self-professed ‘cry for help.’ 

Demi has said the lyrics of the song reflect her state of mind days before her overdose.

While recovering in the hospital, she vowed her track would be the first song she would perform if she had the chance.

Demi recalled the timeline behind the creation of the song in a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

‘So this song was written and recorded actually very shortly before…everything happened. So I recorded the vocals for it four days before-‘ she explained, before Zane added, ‘July 20’.


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