Dizzying 360-degree footage shows what it’s like to throw a BMW superbike around bends


A superbike racer has recorded himself speeding around bends at almost 80mph using a 360-degree camera.

Peter Hickman, 32, from Burton-upon-Trent in Staffordshire, captured the incredible footage as he threw his BMW into corners at Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk at 78mph.

The video shows Hickman’s view as well as his body movements and battles with the throttle and brakes as he dives round the track.

The camera, which was strapped to the bike using a GoPro mount and cable tie, tilts as the driver leans into the bends on the course near Thetford.

The power of Hickman’s BMW S1000RR can be heard as he revs, with his arms also vibrating.

He opens up the throttle on the straights and rockets along just inches away from the hard shoulder.

The bike, which can reach speeds of up to 200mph, whines as he accelerates, before groaning at he jumps down the gears when approaching a corner.

The footage ends with Hickman driving back into the pit stop one handed, continuing to rev with his right hand.

The superbike racer holds the record for the fastest newcomer to the Isle of Man TT.

He managed a fastest average lap speed of 129.104 mph and an average race speed of 125.38 mph.


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