Ed Sheeran shares throwback snap of himself performing to ONE toddler


He’s said to be worth £160m and can easily fill large stadiums. 

But it’s fair to say that singer Ed Sheeran, 28, hasn’t forgotten his roots as he took to Instagram on Friday to share a throwback photo of himself. 

The picture saw him performing on the back of a lorry, with just one toddler watching in the audience. 

He captioned the image with the words: ‘I’m doing my homecoming shows end of August in Ipswich, the first proper headline shows I’ve ever done in my home town. 

‘My dad has unearthed a load of photos from my early days, I’ve lent a load of stuff too, for an exhibition that will run for 9 months at Ipswich’s Christchurch Mansion from August 20 – until spring 2020. Go and see it. Lots of love x.’

Ed also shared a picture of himself on stage in Barcelona on Sunday showing himself crouched down in front of a huge audience. 

But it’s not all plain-sailing for Ed. He is risking further wrath from his already-irate neighbours after admitting that he does want to use a ‘wildlife pond’ at his mansion for swimming in.

When the star originally applied to build the kidney-shaped pond at his Suffolk estate, he promised it would provide a natural habitat for frogs, newts and dragonflies.

Although council chiefs approved the plans, they ruled that the site should not be put to other uses – and specifically forbade ‘recreational leisure such as swimming’. 

Ed is appealing against the ban, arguing that it is ‘not necessary and unreasonable’.

Documents submitted to Suffolk Coastal District Council say: ‘If the appellant [Sheeran] took to a boat to clear the pond of weed or obstruction, would that result in a breach of the condition? 

‘If the appellant chose to swim in the pond to gain access to a branch that had blown in the pond, would they be in breach of the condition? Technically they would be.’

Hinting at a deepening rift with some neighbours, the papers complain that a lack of precision in the order means ‘local residents who objected to the scheme would be likely to report each and every potential breach’. 


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