Ethiopian woman sits school exams on a hospital bed half an hour after giving birth to a baby boy


An Ethiopian woman sat exams on a hospital bed just half an hour after giving birth to a baby boy.

Almaz Derese, 21, went into labour on Monday not long before her secondary school exams were due to start in Metu in western Ethiopia.

She had hoped to sit them before her son’s birth, but the exams were postponed because of Ramadan.

Her husband Tadese Tulu was able to persuade the school to let her sit the papers from the Karl Mettu Hospital, the BBC reported.

The public examinations commissioners took the sealed envelopes containing the tests under armed police protection to the maternity ward, TPI reported.

‘Because I was rushing to sit the exam, my labour wasn’t difficult at all,’ Ms Derese told the BBC.

She was keen to get her English, Amharic and maths exams out of the way so that she could apply for a two-year university course.

She told the BBC the exams went well and her baby boy is in good health.

Ms Derese will sit her remaining exams with her fellow pupils in examination halls. 

In Ethiopia it is common practice for girls to leave secondary school to give birth to children and return to complete their studies as young adults.


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