Father shares video of his daughter laughing uncontrollably as he boxes


A father has shared an adorable video of her baby daughter laughing hysterically while he boxed, and the internet can’t get enough of the heartwarming moment. 

Sando Reapa Louis, 29, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, discovered a new trick to making his six-month-old daughter, Jamila, laugh, and it all happened while he was boxing in front of her. 

The first time he made her laugh happened earlier this month while Jamila was sitting up on the counter. Once the musician started moving his arms, the youngster would giggle uncontrollably. 

‘She started laughing so I started recording her and then she just started laughing hysterically,’ Louis told Good Morning America. 

‘It caught me off guard because I’ve never seen her laugh quite like that before.’

The moment was shared on Louis’ Facebook and Instagram so family and friends could see the adorable child reacting to her father. 

After he shared it, the video quickly went viral and has since garnered more than 2.5 million views. 

‘Think My Hands A Joke,’ Louis captioned the video when he shared it online.

His daughter did appear to think his hands were a joke, as she laughed when he performed boxer movements in front of her. 

Think My Hands A Joke 😒 #WW #Mood

A post shared by Sando Reapa Louis (@sandoreapa300) on Jan 6, 2020 at 6:09pm PST

Louis made clear, though, that he would pause the movements to make sure Jamila would take a chance to breathe in between the heavy laughter. 

When speaking to Good Morning America, Louis said he would describe Jamila as a ‘happy baby’. The father also has a seven-year-old daughter who also has the ability to make Jamila laugh. 

‘Usually when she’s upset we’ll sing Baby Shark and she’ll instantly stop crying,’ Louis said, mentioning the popular kids’ song. 

And now the family knows Louis boxing in front of his daughter can also put her into a good mood. 

Commenters online loved the heartwarming video between the father and daughter, commending Louis for his ability to make his daughter laugh. 

‘Baby laughs are the BEST,’ one commenter wrote. 

Louis said he had no idea the video would go viral after he shared it on January 6. ‘I just posted because I thought it was funny,’ he said. ‘It just took off.’


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