Fitness fanatic, 19, reveals he is ‘obsessed’ with losing weight after shedding 80 lbs.


A 19-year-old fitness fanatic who tipped the scales at 451 lbs. has lost 80 lbs. in the past year — and is documenting his inspiring progress on social media.  

Paul Minor from Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to achieve a healthier body in an effort to ‘love life’ and rid himself of anxiety, and in the past year he has become ‘obsessed’ with losing weight.

Though he still has plenty of work left to do — his goal is to halve his body weight — he’s managed to drop an impressive 80 lbs. in the past year, and his workout videos and positive attitude are inspiring others.  

Paul started his weight last journey last February, and now goes to the gym every day, exercising for up to two hours with cardio and weight lifting.

‘I am obsessed with changing my situation. I am not happy with where I am mentally or physically and the only way I am gonna change that is to get up every morning and work,’ he said.

‘It doesn’t matter if I’ve had the worst day or the best because if I don’t change I will never love life! 

His hard work has been paying off, and he’s dropped 80 lbs. in the past year — but he intends to lose more.

Last summer, he told the Fresno Bee that he wanted to lose 200 lbs. by the time his beloved Las Vegas Raiders kick off the 2020 NFL season.

But even if he doesn’t achieve that goal, he’s making progress.  

‘I don’t want to be the person that I was,’ he told the paper. ‘I want to be the person I want to be and that’s one of the things that helps motivate me. 

‘I wasn’t happy where I was at. I like going to the gym, I really do. It really changed my outlook on life. It’s really nice to keep pushing forward.’

He shares that that outlook with his his followers, along with workout videos.  

‘When I started my weight loss journey almost a year ago I could barely push myself to do Arnold Presses created by @Schwarzenegger,’ he wrote on February 1, captioning a video. 

‘‪Here I am almost a year later pushing myself and kicking a** in gym. ‬ ‪Rome wasn’t built in a day but it did start from the bottom just like me! ‬’

He also shares words of wisdom for others embarking on their own fitness journeys. 

‘It isn’t too late to get that workout in. Better yourself and achieve your goals!!!’ he wrote.

Other Twitter users have rushed to the comments to praise Paul for working so hard, as some offered words of advice.

On user with the handle Pop Culture Thoughts said: ‘I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get my a** back to the gym after the death of my mother last year and my dad’s terminal diagnosis a few months later… 

‘I needed to see this, and now I’m excited to go to the gym after work so THANK YOU! KEEP IT UP!!!!!’

Nikki added: ‘Once you’ve reached your goals you should change your name from Paul Minor to Paul Major because you’ll have definitely EARNED it!!! Keep going!!!’

And Nobody1 said: ‘Good for you! Great belief changing choice. Take baby steps. Don’t put pressure on yourself. 

‘If every day you change even one negative to a positive, those baby steps will reward you in ways you can’t imagine. 

‘Remember to reward yourself but choose pos rewards. You got these.’

Wesley C shared his own experience: ‘Good job brother…half the battle is making the decision to do something. Look up intermittent fasting. Good for your body….good for your soul. I weighed 272 this time last year…I am now 210’ 

George Rundle said: ‘You go guy! You can do it. I lost 50 kg and am keeping it off. 

‘Just take one day at a time, and don’t care about what others think about your appearance. Block it out. Just go for it. One day everything will turn for you. Good luck!’ 

And Pete Sedillo added: ‘My drill Sgt taught me a life lesson in basic training. The ability to take one more step when your body is telling you to quit is what separates the strong from the average.’ 


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