Florida police rescue four-month-old baby from a locked car after her parents went shopping


Police in Florida on Thursday rescued a baby after she was found alone locked inside her parents’ car outside a store as the man and woman shopped. 

According to a statement from the Fort Myers Police Department, at around 10am a 911 call came about an infant inside a car parked at Sam’s Club Plaza at 5100 South Cleveland Avenue. 

The person who reported the incident said the baby’s parents had gone shopping at the Dollar Tree. 

Responding officers arrived on the scene and removed the four-month-old girl from the backseat.

Photos shared by the police department on Facebook showed an officer holding the baby in his arms and giving her a bottle in the front seat of his cruiser. 

Weather.com indicates that temperatures in Fort Myers reached 85 degrees on Thursday.   

When the infant’s parents returned to the car, they were arrested on child neglect charges.

The mother, Mosammat Ranu Pervin, 31, was booked into the Lee County Jail on a single count of child neglect without great bodily harm, while the father, 45-year-old MD Razaul Karim, was jailed on charges of child neglect without great bodily harm and unattended child in motor vehicle in excess of 15 minutes.  

The couple’s baby has been released into the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

The parents are being held without bond pending their next court appearance scheduled for March 9.  


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