From Kate’s up-do to Meghan’s nifty layering technique, how the royals weatherproof their outfits


While heavy downpours and ferocious winds may leave some of us sheltering inside, it doesn’t stop the royal family from making appearances across the country. 

But now a stylist has revealed how royals like Kate Middleton, 38, and Meghan Markle, 38, weatherproof their outfits to ensure they look good no matter the weather, come rain or shine.

On Wednesday, the Duchess of Cambridge ensured she looked good during a particularly windy visit to Mumbles pier in South Wales by changing her hair from her usual blow-dry into a stylish half up do.  

Meanwhile the Duchess of Sussex has also cleverly weatherproofed outfits for royal appearances in the past by layering stylish pieces, and the Queen always carries an umbrella to match her outfit in case of a downpour. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, stylist Susie Hasler, who runs Styled By Susie, said the techniques were an ‘essential’ part of royal duty.  

She said: ‘It’s not by chance our royals are meticulously dressed to suit any and all weather conditions.

‘It’s essential they look their best and appropriate while carrying out duties – and that means ensuring a rogue, fly-away skirt, for example, doesn’t become the focus.’ 

Kate Middleton is known for her iconic blow-dried, tousled hair style, and while Meghan Markle occasionally tries out new variations of ‘up-dos’, the Duchess of Cambridge is rarely seen at a public engagement with her hair up.   

Some have speculated this could be because of a three-inch scar the Duchess of Cambridge has on the side of her head as a result of a childhood operation, which was first spotted back in 2011, when it was mistaken for hair extensions. 

But while the Duchess favours the glamorous blow-dry, there are occasions when the style may not be practical for royal. 

On Wednesday, the royal swept her hair into a luxurious half-up and half-down style as she stepped out onto the blustery Mumbles pier. 

Stylist Susie revealed the style was most likely chosen with the wind in mind and meant Kate wouldn’t have to worry about her hair being blown into her face throughout the day. 

She said: ‘Kate has dressing for any weather down to a tee. We’re used to seeing her with her long hair flowing, but with her hair half up, half down, she’s ensuring she doesn’t get blown around by the wind.’ 

And it’s not the first time that the Duchess has ditched her glamorous blow-dry for a more practical look to avoid fly-aways, most recently sweeping her hair in a similar style while visiting a glacier in Pakistan  

Stylist Susie revealed that the Duchess of Sussex has a ‘less conservative’ approach to royal dressing than other members of The Firm. 

She explained that Meghan often uses a clever technique of layering several stylish pieces to create more than one look for each outfit.  

It ensures no matter what the temperature, or weather, Meghan is able to maintain her elegant style.  

She said: ‘Meghan chooses her all-weather outfits in a little less of a conservative manner. She chooses a layering technique so that she has options should she get too hot or too cold.’

Susie went on: ‘Her style is very much dependent upon the visit – and she appears just as happy in a relaxed style of clothing as she does for a more formal occasion.’ 

While on tour in Morocco in February 2019, the heavily-pregnant Meghan would often chose chic and simple tops with an added blazer or jacket.

When she and Prince Harry visited the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports, the Duchess donned a cosy military style jacket which she later removed as the day became warmer.    

She also practiced a similar technique while on royal engagements in the UK and during the Australia tour in October 2018. 

The royal also often practices ‘shrobing’, which allows her to carry a coat in a stylish fashion without overheating. 

Perhaps as iconic as her style of wearing bold and brightly coloured outfits is the Queen’s ability to match the pieces with an almost identical plastic umbrella.

The royal, who rarely cancels an engagement, ensures she is always prepared for the weather with the help of her Royal warranted umbrella maker, Fulton.

The East End umbrella maker, founded in 1956 by engineer Arnold Fulton and now the country’s largest supplier of umbrellas and so-called ‘rain accessories’, has long been the Queen’s go-to choice for brollies.

Her Majesty favours a transparent ‘birdcage’ umbrella so that her public can still see her, and has them trimmed with the appropriate colour so that the umbrella matches her outfit exactly. 

Susie affectionately said the public had come to ‘expect nothing less’ from the Queen.  

She revealed: ‘Of course, the Queen is stylishly prepared come rain or sunshine – and it’s only fitting for our Monarch to have an umbrella that matches her outfit.’  

Sophie Wessex has become well-known for her clever use of trendy accessories, including stylish fedoras and cosy scarves.

And Susie revealed the royal has perfected the art of the pashmina, having opted for the accessory at a variety of occasions.

Not only does the elegant scarf look stylish, but Susie said it also adds a level of comfort and cosiness to an outfit. 

Susie revealed: ‘A pashmina is synonymous with royalty.’

She went on: ‘It adds a nice colourful touch to Sophie’s outfits. It’s a pretty way of keeping warm while looking chic – an elegant version of a scarf.’ 

Sophie could be seen carrying a chic white pashmina while visiting the Chelsea Flower Show last year alongside her husband Prince Edward.

And she has also donned the versatile accessory while on royal tours of Africa, and making appearances in the UK. 


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