Frozen 2 trailer: Elsa, Anna and Olaf feature in all-new action-packed adventure


The new trailer for Frozen 2 was released on Tuesday.

And the highly-anticipated sequel to Disney’s animated hit proves the adventures have just started for Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell). 

The sisters must journey to the unknown to discover the origins of Elsa’s magical powers as friendly trolls warn them of the danger ahead.

‘Go North, across the enchanted lands and into the unknown. But be careful. We have always feared Elsa’s powers were too much for this world. Now, we must hope they are enough,’ the leader of the trolls explains.

‘Elsa, the past is not what it seems. You must find the truth,’ he added.

‘I won’t let anything happen to her,’ promises Anna with the help of Kristoff, Sven and Olaf.

The dramatic and dark trailer begins with Elsa staring into a volatile ocean breaking gigantic waves in front of her.

She throws back her hair into a ponytail and bravely runs into the ocean while attempting to use her powers to freeze the oncoming surf.

However, the ocean proves too powerful and smashes the ice platform Elsa created as she goes tumbling into the depths of the angry sea.  

After Elsa regains her bearings, she swims upwards before being cut off by a glowing water horse that quickly disappears in front of her.

As the leader of the troll explains the dangers ahead, Elsa is seen in a montage of more glowing water horses and other unidentified glowing characters. 

Kristoff, Sven and Olaf ride a sled through ‘the enchanted lands’ as Anna captains a canoe through a dark cave and over a steep waterfall.

Suddenly, villagers are threatened by a neon pink fire that quickly torches the landscape and jumps from tree to tree lighting the forest in a blaze.

Kristoff appears riding Sven and the two grab Anna and escort her to safety.

The heart-pounding trailer ends with Elsa and Anna holding hands as they walk into a wall of fog with Kristoff, Sven and Olaf following close behind.

The release of the clip comes a day after a new poster for Frozen 2 debuted, hinting at plenty of action coming up in Disney’s long awaited sequel.

In the image, Elsa stands in a forest with Anna surrounded by fog as the girls portrayed battle-ready looks on their faces. 

With her back to her older sister and looking over her shoulder, Anna wore a regal purple color in a long winter vest and a black long sleeve shirt underneath.  

The second installment of the hit movie will be released in November, making it six years after the first was released. The original took $1.276 billion at the box office.  

Menzel, along with Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff are returning and Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown are thought to be involved with the second movie as well.

From the Academy Award®-winning team—directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and producer Peter Del Vecho, the cartoon is set to be a box-office smash.

Fans went wild after the first teaser, which was released in February, with many speculating what the plot was about. 

They wrote: ‘Elsa is bolder in Frozen 2. I think this will be Elsa’s adventure ‘save’ her parents who lost when sailing. Must be cool. Cant wait!’   

Lee told The Huffington Post: ‘I love everything people are saying [and]people are thinking about with our film – that it’s creating dialogue, that Elsa is this wonderful character that speaks to so many people, It means the world to us that we’re part of these conversations. 

The first movie was released in 2013 and continues to be one of Disney’s most popular films, becoming the first Walt Disney Studios picture to win the Academy Award for best animated feature. 

Frozen 2 will be released on November 22. 


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