Fundraising bride urged to be ‘realistic’ about her wedding budget


A bride-to-be whose father is already working overtime to fund her big day has sparked outrage by asking strangers for donations to fund her ‘fairytale’. 

Another bride-to-be from Ireland shared the plea for cash she’d spotted on Go Fund Me to a wedding shaming group on Facebook, captioned with two ‘see no evil emojis’.

Appealing for donations, the bride explained that she was crowdfunding despite her father’s ‘overtime and side jobs’, because she still needs things such as a second dress to wear to the reception, hair, make-up, decorations and bridesmaids dresses.

She added: ‘We would like to go on a honeymoon if we can raise enough money. Please consider investing your donation in a couple that will never give up on each other. To a fairytale.’ 

A stream of commenters responded to the post by slamming the couple for expecting others to pay for their wedding.

Blasting the bride-to-be for putting pressure on her father to increase his earnings to pay for her wedding, many questioned why the couple who are already legally married are spending so much on having a ‘dream’ ceremony.

One person said: ‘I find this disgusting, her dad working overtime to pay for her wedding. I would never expect or ask or accept money from my parents for my wedding. She and her husband to be should be ashamed of themselves.’

Another wrote: ‘They’ve already married at the courthouse. This wedding is JUST FOR SHOW. Seriously, she’s begging for $ to throw herself a dress-up party. People have no shame.’

A third added:  ‘She needs a J.O.B. Her poor father… guilted into working himself to death for this greedy, entitled brat! No one owes you anything. 

‘If you can’t afford a wedding yourself, don’t have one. People like this are pathetic.’ 

Others argued it’s inappropriate to ask for contributions to weddings on Go Fund Me, considering that others are trying to raise money for life threatening illnesses.

A user speaking under the handle ‘Tiffany Michelle’ said:  ‘So like just wait until you can afford it? You’re already married. 

‘I see single mums in desperate need, or sick children in desperate need, that get little to no help ever. Meanwhile we have this dumb **** floating around.’

Another added: ‘I hate this ****. People who actually need a go fund me for actual medical or funeral expenses are getting overshadowed by this ******** because people can’t be bothered to save money properly.’

A number of contributors shared their own experiences of budgeting to pay for their own weddings.

One person said: ‘I’m getting married and don’t expect my mum to pay for a thing for my wedding. She raised me, clothed me, fed me and put a roof over my head for 18 years.

‘Why are people so selfish to think their parents are obligated to pay for something when you’re a grown adult and responsible for your own finances’ 

Another wrote: ‘I just started planning our honeymoon for next summer. We’ve been married 8 years but never got to go.

‘It’s out responsibility to pay for that, can’t believe people’s entitlement.’  


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