Google Maps will warn you when taxi drivers divert from the quickest route by more than 500 yards 


Google has introduced a new tool to Maps that could stop dodgy taxi drivers in their tracks. 

The online mapping service is currently trailing ‘off-route alerts’ which warn you if your drivers vehicles deviate from the quickest routes by more than 500-yards.    

It will stop deceitful drivers from taking longer routes in order to boost fares from unsuspecting customers – a plight often faced by tourists.

Travellers all over the world are may one day be able to utilise the tool, which is currently only available in India.

The new tool, which was first noted by XDA Developers, would not only reduce costs but could also enhance safety for lone passengers. 

‘This is among the several India-first initiatives that Google has taken eyeing the massive opportunities in the country,’ said Tushar Mehta.

To use it, a person simply selects their desired taxi journey, then chooses the ‘Stay Safer’ option.   

This invites them to activate ‘off-route alerts’, which promises to provide ‘an alert if your taxi or ride goes off route’. 

During the trip it monitors journey progress and will only send an alerts if it detects an unplanned deviation.

This, in turn, prompts people to quiz their driver and control the route. 

In Ma, it was revealed that Google Maps is borrowing some of users’ favourite features from its sister app Waze, including speed limits and traffic camera notifications.

The speed camera feature, which presents an icon when one of the devices is nearby, have been rolled out in 40 countries overall, including Australia, the UK, US, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, and Indonesia.

Speed limits are available in the UK, US, and Denmark and are represented to users in digits located in the lower-third of the app. 

The addition of speed features to Google Maps marked the most significant update to its navigation capabilities since the company added a ‘commute’ tab in October.

Google’s commute feature offers live updates and alternative routes to commuters who may be travelling during periods of heavy traffic. 


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