Grandfather goes VIRAL wearing fashionable clothes from his grandson


A grandson has turned his grandfather into an internet star after he helped the 84-year-old update his wardrobe with all new clothes and accessories. 

Grandfather Tetsuya, 84, received a visit from his grandson Naoya Kudo for a week at his home in Akita Prefecture in Japan. During the visit, Naoya decided to shoot his grandfather in clothes he brought into town from his own wardrobe. 

The imagery created from the photo shoot was shared on Instagram, and people have since rallied behind the pictures as the commend how fashionable and incredible Tetsuya looks in the clothes. 

When speaking to Bored Panda, Naoya revealed how it was his first time being back in his hometown in a while. 

The grandson prides himself on his fashion, so he thought it would be fun to also share that passion with his grandfather during the visit. 

‘He was really enthusiastic about it,’ Naoya told Bored Panda. ‘He suggested the shooting locations and everything.’ 

Pictures from the photo shoots show Tetsuya modeling a variety of clothes — from leather pants to hoodies to even a Balenciaga designer bag slung across his shoulder. 

The transformation for the grandfather was incredible for Naoya to witness, as he described the man to be like a ‘normal grandpa’ when it came to fashion choices. 

With the help of Naoya, the grandfather when from being a ‘normal grandpa’ to a fashion icon when modeling the different outfits at indoor and outdoor locations near his home. 

The pictures of Tetsuya were shared on Instagram, and the page has since gained more than 102,000 followers who love the artistic and fashionable pictures of the grandfather. 

Naoya is keeping the page updated, and he said he has plenty of pictures to share of his grandfather in the coming days. 

‘It has been unexpectedly popular,’ he said. ‘I will continue for a while.’

‘I hope to make a photo book to give him as a present,’ Naoya continued. 

Commenters have praised the grandfather and the clothing he wears, with some claiming the man, a retired chemistry teacher, has more style than them. 

‘His fashion sense is better than mine at 80 years old,’ one commenter wrote about the man’s fashion sense. 

Another commented: ‘These are so compelling because it’s not very often we see the elderly depicted in the media. They’re underrepresented in our society.’  

Tetsuya is not on social media, but his grandson revealed he is aware of his Instagram fame. 


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