Groom plans to asks ‘stunning’ sister to ‘tone it down’ for his wedding so she won’t upstage bride


A groom has horrified Redditors after revealing his plan to ask his ‘stunning’ sister to ‘tone it down’ on his wedding day so she doesn’t upstage the bride.

Even worse, he told his fiancée about the plan, pointing out that she often feels ‘insecure’ around his sister — so asking her to look less gorgeous might make the bride feel prettier on her big day.

‘I’m trying to do a nice thing and I just know if I don’t say anything she’s going to feel insecure and sad on our wedding day when she should feel like the most beautiful woman,’ he wrote, defending himself.

Though the groom insists he had the best intentions, he is now being slammed for his insensitivity.

He wrote: ‘I have a younger sister, Emma, who is gorgeous. That’s not me being creepy and obviously I’m not into her, but objectively speaking, she’s a knockout. 

‘She’s 28 years old, has long curly red hair, green eyes, an amazing figure and perfect milky skin. She’s stunning and regularly turns heads.’

In a couple of months, he is set to marry his fiancée, Jane, who he says ‘is beautiful in her own ways.’

‘However, society would agree that Emma is just immensely more beautiful,’ he said.

‘I know Jane is insecure about her looks because she has kind of a big/crooked nose and some bad acne scarring. But I know she’s having professional makeup done to feel as good as possible on our big day.

‘Problem is, I think Emma naturally outshines her, and if she does her hair up and applies makeup she may as well be the only woman in the room,’ he went on, adding that he has seen guys ‘drooling’ over his sister’s face and ‘desirable’ body.   

‘So I’m thinking of asking Emma if she’ll tone it down a little for the wedding, so she doesn’t upstage Jane. I’d like her to wear a really simple/unflattering dress and maybe just go no or minimal makeup but nothing too nice.  

‘I want Jane to feel beautiful for once,’ he said.

Rather than going to Emma privately to shares his concerns, however, he went to his bride-to-be first, telling her about his plan. 

‘When I mentioned it to Jane, she flipped out and called me an [a**hole] and basically said I was calling her ugly,’ he said. 

‘I never told Jane she has a bad nose or scars. Literally all I said was, ‘Hey, I know you feel a little insecure around Emma sometimes, so you want me to ask her to tone it down a little at the wedding?”

‘I NEVER told Jane she is ugly because she’s not!’

Despite his protests, though, other Redditors have roundly slammed his behavior. 

‘WTF were you thinking? Seriously, what was the thought process there?’ wrote one. ‘She would have felt beautiful. Now she’ll be self-conscious.’

‘Imagine marrying a guy who thinks his own sister is more beautiful than you. Just let that sink in,’ wrote another.

‘Come on man, you can’t figure out why Jane feels like you think your sister is more beautiful than her? You went on for PARAGRAPHS about how hot your sister is, and made literal comparisons about your sister being much more attractive than your fiancée,’ wrote a third. 

‘It is not a wonder that Jane feels insecure about her looks. Look at how you are treating her!’

‘Your fiancée shouldn’t need your sister to ugly herself up so she feels beautiful on her wedding day. That’s just weird. The fact that you told your fiancee that is super f***ed up,’ said yet another.

‘Also, you do seem oddly fixated on how beautiful she is compared to your future wife. That’s also really weird.’

Several commenters were also exceptionally put off by the groom’s description of his sister’s ‘perfect milky skin.’ 


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