ICE agent shoots man, 26, in the face in Brooklyn while trying to arrest mom’s boyfriend


A 26-year-old Mexican national was shot in the face by a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who was attempting to arrest his mother’s boyfriend. 

ICE agents were in the process of serving a deportation order to undocumented immigrant, Armando Gaspar Avendando-Hernandez, 36, of Mexico, when his girlfriend’s son, Erick Diaz, allegedly intervened. 

Diaz reportedly got into a scuffle with the officer on 12th Street in Gravesend, Brooklyn, around 8.15am Thursday morning, according to ABC 7.

The officer then fired his weapon. A bullet went through Diaz’s cheek and became lodged in his neck. 

Diaz was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Avendando-Hernandez was then Tased and taken into custody. 

But Diaz’s brother, Kevin Yanez Cruz, recalled the incident differently. He said it all unfolded when he arrived at the home to pick up his mother’s boyfriend. 

Yanez Cruz said the two were on their way to work when Avendando-Hernandez realized he forgot something at home. 

They went back to the residence and as Avendando-Hernandez was rushing toward the door, Yanez Cruz claims that the ICE agents tackled him in the yard. 

Hearing the commotion, Diaz ran outside to see what was happening. According Yanez Crus, one of the agents ‘thought he [Diaz] was going to get involved’ in the arrest and pulled out his gun. 

‘He pointed the gun at my brother and didn’t even hesitate and pulled the trigger,’ Yanez Cruz said.  

Yanez Cruz explained to reporters that his brother had just came to the US from Mexico with his girlfriend. 

The couple planned to stay in the US for six months before heading back to Mexico. 

ICE released a statement hours after the incident occurred, claiming the agents were attacked while trying to arrest Avendando-Hernandez. 

‘A US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Fugitive Operations Team discharged at least one firearm in Brooklyn, New York, Thursday morning when officers were physically attacked while attempting to arrest Gasper Avendando-Hernandez, a twice-removed illegal alien from Mexico with a 2011 assault conviction in New York City.

The agency was referring to an arrest that occurred on February 3 when New York police officers took Avendando-Hernandez into custody for ‘possession of a forged instrument’.

That particular instrument was a forged Connecticut license plate, authorities said.  

‘ICE attempted to lodge an immigration detainer after his most recent arrest, however the subject was released from local custody before ICE could lodge a detainer. This forced ICE officers to locate him on the streets of New York rather than in the safe confines of a jail,’ ICE added in the statement. 

Avendando-Hernandez is currently in ICE custody. Authorities said the investigation is ongoing. 


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