‘I’m the sheriff’: Detroit-area lawman stops phony cop car


An eagle-eyed Michigan sheriff was driving in suburban Detroit on Thursday when he spotted an odd decal on what appeared to be a police vehicle, which led him to unmask a suspected cop impersonator. 

The bizarre incident took place on M-59 near Telegraph Road in Waterford at around 2pm. 

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said he was driving away from a meeting in the afternoon when he came across the suspicious vehicle that was made to look like a cruiser, complete with police-style bumpers, an array of lights on the back and a sticker on the rear window that read: ‘Caution K-9 Stay Back.’ 

But one detail struck Bouchard as out of place: a decal on the side of the vehicle that read: ‘Emergency Response.’ 

‘I was like, “That’s not a police car. Something weird is going on here,”‘ he recalled to WDIV-TV as thinking to himself. 

Bouchard activated his emergency lights and pulled over the black 2014 Ford Explorer with heavily tinted windows, reported Fox 2 Detroit. 

He said there was a fake radar on the dashboard and a police-style computer. He also discovered a loaded .45-caliber Glock, for which he had no license, and a large Bowie knife.

‘He looks at me and says, “Who are you?” And I said, “I’m the sheriff. Who are you?”‘ Bouchard told WDIV-TV.

The man, which DailyMail.com can now identify as 23-year-old Adrian Ansah-Asante, was booked into the Oakland County Jail on preliminary charges of false personation of a police officer and carrying a concealed weapon. 

In a phone interview with DailyMail.com on Friday afternoon, the sheriff said that Ansah-Asante was dressed in civilian clothing and seemed ‘nonplussed’ when he confronted him. 

Bouchard said the man identified his profession as a mechanic and cryptically added that he sometimes helps police, but he did not elaborate.  

‘We want to know if anybody had been stopped by this vehicle,’ the sheriff said.

A Facebook page belonging to Ansah-Asante displays a photo of what looks like the back of a police vehicle displaying the ‘Caution K-9 Stay Back’ decal. 

Bouchard said the rear of the suspect’s SUV contained dog cages and the floor was covered in dog hair.    

‘It’s just really odd, the extent to which this car had been marked to resemble a police car,’ the sheriff said, noting that the vehicle featured a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ sticker. 

Ansah-Asante has no prior criminal record in Michigan, according to Bouchard. 


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