Instagram model, 27,who streaked at Superbowl says security gave her bruises and ripped her dress


The scantily-clad Instagram model who was tackled by a security team after she ran onto the field at the Super Bowl revealed she is still in pain from her injuries after she was pinned to the ground and arrested.  

Footage taken by a Super Bowl fan showed the blonde woman being pinned down by security before she was removed from the pitch.  

Instagram model Kelly Kay Green, 27, was revealed as the Superbowl Streaker and she has embraced the spotlight, despite having to spend the night in a cell in a ripped dress.

Green said that the adrenaline from rushing over the fence and trying taking off her clothes prevented her from feeling the pain when she was tackled but that she is now covered in hand-print bruises. 

Speaking to TMZ, Green said that she feels a little roughed up from the experience and showed of her bruising from the tackle. 

‘I had so much adrenaline going that I don’t even remember being tackled. My thoughts were just ‘Damn they got me,” she recalled. 

‘It did hurt and I have bruises from everything afterward.’ 

Green, who is 5 foot 2 inches, explained that she had to hop over a ten-foot wall to reach the field but was caught by security and brought to the ground. 

In footage of her rush onto the field, six members of staff can be seen grappling with her on the right-hand side of the screen.  

More members of staff rush around in an attempt to clear a path for the field invader to be removed from the stadium.  

The players can be seen running out from the touchline in the background while they wait for the field to be cleared. 

The clip cuts to the scantily clad woman being escorted out by guards with her hands secured behind her back.

The crowd begin to laugh and cheer in encouragement and the video ends shortly after.  

Not defeated, she then hoists up her black dress to reveal a pink thong while she is being walked away. 

Green says she was kept in a holding cell at the bottom of the stadium for eight hours with four other women. She also claims that her dress was ripped by security guards as she was arrested, leaving her in the cell in just her bathing suit. 

‘I was in a bathing suit in this holding cell sitting on the concrete floor. For eight hours they held me there. I was not processed. I wasn’t arrested. I was just detained,’ Green said.

‘I was like can I please have a jacket? I’m freezing. I need medical assistance. I’m literally going to faint [because]I’m so cold.

‘They didn’t give a f—k at all,’ she added.

She was later moved to Dade County jail where she was processed and booked for trespassing.

Green was held on misdemeanor trespass charges after trying to run onto the field just after the start of the game at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, on Sunday. 

And, in exclusive snaps of her leaving jail, she was seen holding the skimpy undergarments along with her phone and a file of official paperwork. 

She told that she tried to run across the field because ‘I was just living my best life’.

In her post ‘thanking’ the NFL for selling her a ticket to the game, she also wrote: ‘Do what you want, when you want, life’s too short to have regrets.’

Online records for the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department say Green was held on trespassing charges, with a $1,000 bond.

Green has not let the arrest faze her and partied until 5 am after being released from a police cell, boasting about her antics to followers.

She even changed her social media profile picture to her mugshot following her release from custody yesterday. 

 A video posted on her Instagram shows her enjoying herself at a nightclub, wearing sunglasses and a giant medallion as she mouths along to the music. It also shows a woman pole dancing.  

She currently has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, and had recently been posting images from Miami Beach. 

In an Instagram story after her release, she appeared in a bikini by a pool, saying: ‘Young jail bait out of jail. Fresh out the pen. Fresh out Dade County.’

Green also confirmed that her run onto the field was part of a stunt for the site Vitaly Uncensored, an X-rated site run by Russian-American Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. 

The site gained notoriety when model Kinsey Wolanski ran onto the field during the Champions League soccer final wearing a skimpy black leotard bearing its logo. 

When asked why Vitaly hadn’t come to collect her from jail, Green said: ‘He’s probably not allowed to. That’s what cabs are for.’  

She added that she didn’t care that the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, adding that she is a Falcons fan.

Green could have faced up to a year in prison if she convicted on the trespass charge.  

The model has said that she didn’t expect that she would be detained or that the the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security would be involved in her questioning.  

‘I’m like, Is this even real?’ she told TMZ. 

‘You hear about the FBI but you never think that the FBI is going to be interrogating you and they’re just reeling me with questions, [saying]if you cooperate maybe you won’t go to jail, because at first, I wasn’t talking to them at all.’  

Forbes reported the odds for a streaker to run onto the field as being 7/1. 

But the penalties for doing so can include fines, jail time and life bans.

In the main event, the Kansas City Chiefs ended a 50-year title drought with a 31-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers. 


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