Iowa Democratic Party extends deadline for campaigns to request a recanvass


The Iowa Democratic Party announced Friday that it was pushing back deadlines for campaign to report irregularities or request a recanvass after counting debacle linked to an app following Monday’s caucuses.

The decision allows campaigns an additional day for campaigns to  to report evidence of ‘documentary evidence of inconsistencies between the data reported and the records of result for correction.’

That deadline was set to expire Friday, and followed press reports of irregularities in the posting of results.

Candidates also got additional time to official request a recanvass or recount the vote until Monday at noon.  

So far, neither of the declared ‘winners’ of the caucuses have done so. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Thursday night: ‘We’ve had enough of Iowa. I think we should move on to New Hampshire,’ he said, when asked about the mess at a CNN town hall. 

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was less direct in his own comment. He said he would ”leave it to the party,’ saying they should do ‘whatever they need to do in order to make sure that the information is clear and verified.’

With each campaign snatching a claim to victory – Sanders in the popular caucus count and Buttigieg in state delegate equivalents – it may be that neither seeks to go back and take another look at the results.

The mess has caused a variety of political figures call for scrapping the caucuses or undertaking urgent efforts to fix them for the future.  

Nevada’s Democratic Party says it won’t use any apps to keep track of its caucuses later this month – after a debacle over the app used for the Iowa results prevented the Associated Press from declaring a winner.

The party won’t use any apps, spokeswoman Molly Forgey told the Nevada Independent. The last-minute decision is part of an effort to ensure the count is ‘secure, efficient and simple,’ she said. 

The state party had already said it would not use two apps developed by Shadow Inc. – the same firm behind a failed app that contributed to the debacle in the Iowa count. Problems kept the state party from reporting on 100 per cent of precincts until Thursday, long after the caucuses closed Monday night.

The AP announced Thursday it was ‘unable’ to declare a winner, thanks in part due to reported irregularities. The state party was set to announce Friday whether there would be a recanvass of the results.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who appears to have won the popular vote out of Iowa, declared it a ‘screw-up,’ while former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who had a tiny edge in state delegates, on Thursday proclaimed ‘fantastic news to hear that we won. Buttigieg also said the party should do ‘whatever they need to do in order to make sure that the information is clear and verified.’  

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez called for a recanvass in Iowa, but it was not expected to go ahead unless a candidate called for it. 

He is now taking heat for the failure – which deprived Democrats of critical publicity on the eve of the State of the Union, and potentially limited the boost that Sanders or Buttigieg might have gotten out of the state.Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio). ‘We’re a party in chaos.’ 

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) told Politico Perez should step down. ‘We’re a party in chaos,’ she said. 

Nevada, helped model its caucus system off of Iowa, had already said it wouldn’t use the same app developed for Iowa following the fiasco there.  

 Nevada Democrats ‘can confidently say that what happened in the Iowa caucus last night will not happen in Nevada on February 22nd. We will not be employing the same app or vendor used in the Iowa caucus. We had already developed a series of backups and redundant reporting systems, and are currently evaluating the best path forward,’ the party said in a statement earlier this week.  


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