Jane Fonda and Joaquin Phoenix lead Fire Drill Friday climate protest in Los Angeles


Jane Fonda brought her Fire Drill Friday climate protest to Los Angeles for the first time on Friday. 

The veteran actress, 82, who has previously held more than a dozen of the rallies in Washington, D.C. led two hundred protesters to march on City Hall and demand a Green New Deal. 

Among the famous faces in the crowds were Oscar contender Joaquin Phoenix, legendary writer-director Norman Lear and actress Marisa Tomei, as well as star siblings Rooney and Kate Mara. 

Fonda – who relocated her climate protests to revolve around the filming schedule of her Netflix series Grace & Frankie –  gave an impassioned address to the audience. 

‘We marched together and we protested together and chanted and sang together and we got arrested together’ she told the crowd about the rallies in DC.  

She added that it was important to bring the weekly protests to LA as the state of California ‘is at the front line of the [climate]crisis’, after being ravaged by drought and wildfires. 

Phoenix, 45,  attended one of Fonda’s DC rallies last month, where he was detained by police on the steps of the city’s Capitol Building.

On Friday, the star managed to avoid a brush with the law as he once again joined Fonda to call for climate action – the pair marching side by side and together holding up a large banner which read ‘Fire Drill Fridays’.  

Phoenix is a hot favorite to win the Best Actor Academy Award this coming Sunday for his role in Joker, but he decided to forgo any Oscar preparations in favor of the protest.  

The star, who is a long-time vegan, was clad in a hoodie emblazoned with the words ‘Animal Equality’.  

Meanwhile, actresses Rooney and Kate Mara also showed their dedication to the planet through their diet. 

‘Eating less meat is one of (if not THE) most important thing you can do for the planet,’ Kate Mara wrote on Instagram, posing behind a sign that said ‘GO VEGAN 4 CLIMATE’. 

Fire Drill Fridays are designed to get politicians to address climate change and have been running every Friday since October. 

Fonda previously put on a 14 separate Fire Drill Friday rallies in D.C., with stars including Ted Danson, Sally Field, Diane Lane and Susan Sarandon attending to show their support. 

Fonda was detained at four separate Friday rallies.

The star was able to walk free after paying a $50 fine the first three times she was arrested at the Capitol and charged with a misdemeanor.

However, her last arrest on November 1 landed her in jail for the night because it marked her fourth misdemeanor offense.

‘The conditions are not great, frankly, and you have to sleep on a metal slab. And I’m almost 82 years old and I hurt,’ she told The Hollywood Reporter at the time.


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