Jessica Simpson reveals the REAL reason behind her split from ex-husband Nick Lachey


Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced in 2006 after four years of marriage. 

And on Friday, the 39-year-old singer and actress revealed the real reason behind their breakup while promoting her new autobiography, Open Book.

In an interview on Sunrise, Jessica admitted the pair tried to ‘be the perfect couple’ while filming their reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, but by the third season they ‘weren’t even talking to each other.’

‘We started shooting for the first time six weeks into our marriage and it was the first time we were ever living together,’ she explained. 

‘I don’t think the reality show is what destroyed us by any means [but]by the end of shooting… we weren’t even talking to each other. 

‘We wanted to get the cameras out because we didn’t even understand who we were as a couple anymore because we had been edited so much throughout the seasons.’

Jessica continued: ‘You got it authentic for sure in the first two, but the third one we were definitely trying too hard to be the perfect couple.’ 

She went on to say that she ‘had no regrets over our marriage or even doing the show’, but it did put pressure on their relationship.

Jessica and Nick married 2002. They split in 2006, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ in their divorce proceedings.

Nick went on to marry model and actress Vanessa Minnillo in 2011 and the pair now share three kids. 

In 2014, Jessica also fell in love again and remarried NFL player Eric Johnson and the couple have three children.

Meanwhile, Jessica opens up about her romance, struggle with substance abuse and childhood trauma in her autobiography Open Book.

The memoir also includes details about Jessica and Nick’s very last hookup, which happened just before the divorce was finalized in 2006.

During an interview on NBC’s Today Show on Monday, Nick revealed he hasn’t read the book but said he said he’s ‘happy’ for Jessica.

‘I’ll be honest, I obviously haven’t read the book, so I don’t know what she said or what she revealed there, but I’m certainly happy for her and her life, I know she is happy for us,’ he said while sitting down with wife Vanessa.

‘There’s definitely a mutual respect there, so that’s, you know — obviously it was a long time ago. We’ve all moved on,’ he added.


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