Joe Biden joins Barack Obama, Michelle and Malia to support Sasha as she graduates from high school


The entire Obama family was seen cheering on Sasha Obama as she graduated from Sidwell, Washington DC’s most elite private high school, can disclose. 

Barack, Michelle and Malia were photographed by fellow graduates’ family members, who were delighted to see the former First Family at the ceremony on Sunday.

Former Vice President and presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his wife Jill were in attendance for the big day, also celebrating their granddaughter Maisy’s graduation from the prestigious school, which costs $40,000 per year.  

Sasha, who just turned 18 on Monday, was snapped in her Class of 2019 photo wearing a white dress. She reportedly will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall.

Barack, Michelle and Malia were photographed sitting down in the stands and later mingling among the other families in attendance. 

Also supporting Sasha in the crowd was Pete Souza, Obama’s former official White House photographer. 

Joe Biden was in the bleachers with his family, cheering on his granddaughter Roberta ‘Maisy’ Mabel Biden, who is the daughter of his son Hunter Biden. 

He posted a photo of himself with Jill and Maisy, writing: ‘Jill and I were so thrilled to be there today to watch our amazing granddaughter Maisy graduate from high school. 

‘Maisy, you make us so proud and we can’t wait to see what you do next with your talent, smarts, dedication and kindness. The future is yours, and Nana and Pop will always be right behind you.’ 

The 76-year-old seemed to be in good spirits despite a recently released poll that showed the former vice president’s lead was shrinking, only 8 percentage points ahead of independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sidwell’s Class of 2019 isn’t the only graduating class to feature offspring of the political elite. 

Malia Obama graduated from the school in 2016, Chelsea Clinton also attended, as did some of the children of former presidents Eisenhower and Nixon.  

With such notable alumni and a prestigious reputation, parents have been said to be so desperate to get their kids into Ivy League schools they resorted to harassing teachers and spreading rumors about other students.

Some parents of this year’s seniors have been accused of pushing the school’s staff to the limit to try to get their children into the real thing. 

Two of the three counselors tasked with helping kids get into college have quit this year.  

In a letter to parents about it that was obtained by The Atlantic, head Bryan Garman chastised the parents for their ‘disrespectful’ treatment of staff. 

Some, he said, had also spread rumors about other children in a cruel way to try to give their children a leg-up in the college admissions process. 

‘Instances of disrespect are anomalous and often anonymous, but have nevertheless become increasingly intense and inappropriate.

The circulation of rumors about students and/or the verbal assault of employees are antithetical to the School’s values and create a dispiriting work environment,’ he wrote in his letter. 

It came after a different teacher was forced to issue a new set of rules, banning parents from recording their meetings with college counselors. 

Patrick Gallagher, was the director of college counseling at the school but left after issuing the rules as did Adam Ortiz, who worked in the same office. 

Among the drastic measures parents were taking was calling teachers from blocked numbers to make sure they would make up. 

In his letter, Garman warned: ‘We must remember to maintain perspective and act with respect even in emotionally trying circumstances.

‘The application process can push students to their limits, especially when it is heightened by high expectations and external pressures. 

‘And there is no doubt that the process can stretch the patience and emotional capacity of parents.  

‘Our counselors are acutely aware of this challenge. 

‘They understand that we parents love our children, and they demonstrate tremendous patience when that love blurs our vision.’    


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