Kind-hearted cop buys groceries for hungry Texas family


A Good Samaritan cop went above and beyond duty when he saw a child in need and decided to buy groceries for his entire family. 

Officer James Riley, of Austin, was flagged to a young boy walking alone to a corner store by a concerned citizen, and decided to give the child a ride home after learning he journeyed to the shop to get snacks for his younger sibling on June 3.  

‘Concerned for the child’s safety, Officer Riley gave him a ride home,’ the Austin Police Department said in a Facebook post on his good deed. 

Once inside the home he realized the family was going through a ‘financially difficult’ time and had little food.  

The cop warned the boy and and his brother to not walk out of their home without adult supervision then decided to offer a helping hand to the family in need. 

‘He took it upon himself to go to H-E-B and bought a basket full of groceries and snacks that the boys would be able to fix without turning on the gas stove. He also got some things that a parent would be able to cook for them,’ police said. 

‘He showed true heart with this act of kindness and is just one example of how our officers work to make Austin a safe community,’ cops added. 

The police shared a picture of the shopping card filled with cereal, bread, meat, frozen meals, noodles and snacks for the kids to eat.  

Now Officer Riley is being praised by his community for his honorable act of kindness. 

‘Not only protecting the young citizens but serving God too. Well done Officer Riley!’ one Facebook user commented on the post. 

‘Thank you for going above and beyond, especially for the youngest citizens of Austin,’ another added. 

‘Thank you for being such a standup member of our community. Compassion is a beautiful gift to give. I’m sure you made a wonderful impression on those kids,’ a community member echoed.  

‘This brought tear s to my eyes. Thank you, Officer Riley, for helping this family and inspiring others to do the same,’ another local added.  


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