Larry King accepts Hollywood Beauty Award after ‘nearly dying’


Larry King has made his Hollywood return after admitting he was depressed and close to committing suicide during his recent health crisis, can reveal. 

King, 86, was handed an award created in his honor at the Hollywood Beauty Awards on Thursday, where he revealed in his speech that he suffered a stroke and ‘nearly died.’ 

‘You may ask why I’m sitting. Well in March of this year I suffered a mild stroke,’ the TV legend said from a wheelchair in the audience flanked by his son Chance, 21.

‘I nearly died. But the only thing left from the stroke is I can’t move my left foot. Anyway, I use a walker and do the best I can,’ he added.  

King’s appearance comes as a huge relief to fans of King after doctors feared the worst for the former CNN host.

Event Creator Michele Elyzabeth and her board honored King with The Gentleman’s Award for his astonishing career and reputation. previously learned the star had confirmed with organizers that he would attend the red carpet event and accept the honor in person.

King was told he could die during medical procedures, may never walk again or spend his final months in bed.

To add to his woahs the Ora TV host is also in the middle of divorcing his wife of 22 years Shawn, who was nowhere to be seen at the awards ceremony.

King, who has been photographed recently using a wheelchair, joined a host of invited Hollywood stars at the glitzy event including Selena Gomez, Johnny Depp and Morgan Fairchild.

An insider at the HBAs told ahead of the show: ‘This is a real testament to Larry’s spirit, career and determination. The organizers are delighted he has accepted the honor and will attend.

‘He hopes to be on the red carpet as well as take to the stage to speak about this tailor made honor.

‘There is huge respect from the HBAs and Michele towards Larry and his astonishing career.’

The source added: ‘Larry is sure to get a standing ovation that evening and deliver a memorable speech.

‘The fact that he has battled through this tough time and wants to attend speaks volumes of his character. This is his Hollywood comeback so it will be a packed house.’

The depressed star recently confessed that he considered ‘ending it all’ during his hospital stay.

But it was seeing his son Chance which hauled him out of his emotional hell.

During the ‘Frank Buckley Interviews’ podcast, Larry discussed how after a stroke in March, he considered suicide.

‘You want the truth. The day I woke up in intense care. I knew I was in bad shape by the people around, the darkened shades and Cedars is a good hospital. My son Chance was there.’ 

‘And I swear to God in those five minutes I thought I was just going to bite the bullet. I didn’t want to live this way.

‘I didn’t want to live dependent on others.

‘I’ve had a full career. There is nothing I could add to it except just to do more. And I thought: ”I don’t know how to commit suicide. How do you commit suicide?” I don’t know how – is there a pill you can take. I was ready to bite the bullet.

‘I said to him, Chance, and he started to cry. I haven’t seen him cry since he was three-years-old. And he said: ‘You cannot leave us.’

‘And I changed that minute. I was losing everything and then I wanted to get better.

‘I wanted to get better not to be on the air. But for the kids. The best thing I ever did in my life was be a father – anything else is secondary to being a father. I have five children, all have done well; the gratification you get from them – you have got to appreciate being a father.’

King discussed what triggered his suicidal thoughts, he said: ‘I was just being told about what life I was going to have, not going to be able to walk.

‘I am not out of the woods yet. I have just had a new stent put in. I have got all these illnesses.

‘I am going to be a patient for a long period of time. I was 85 – why do I need this?

‘I used to be afraid of death. Now I am not afraid. I don’t know what changed.

‘But I was ready to bite the bullet – to kiss it off.’

King says he still reads the obituary column every morning and at one stage he even considered having himself frozen to stay alive another 100 years.

Summing up his life’s journey he admitted he hopes his legacy will be ‘he informed and entertained’.

‘If there were a legacy it would be he communicated,’ King said, adding that he’s not finished yet and hopes to sit down with President Trump in the next few months.

The HBAs confirmed King’s award. In a statement organizers said King will be celebrated with The Gentleman’s Award for a career which has ‘maintained grace, charm and positive influence’.

It continued: ‘Winner of the prestigious Peabody and Emmy awards, King is arguably the most respected and revered journalist of modern times having conducted over 50,000 interviews.’

The 6th black-tie dinner gala benefited Helen Woodward Animal Center.

The HBAs was established in 2014 for the purposes of recognizing excellence in hair, makeup, styling and photography.



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