Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock, 64, sent chilling texts to his mistress, 29, before mass murder


Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock was cheating on his girlfriend for years and sent his mistress chilling texts before the mass shooting which left 58 people dead.

The gunman, 64, regularly met the single mom for sex for four years behind his Filipino partner Marilou Danley’s back.

The 29-year-old – who does not wish to be named but will go by ‘Kate’ – tells DailyMailTV she got freaked out by Paddock’s increasingly erratic behavior and told of one instance when he tied her up during a kinky sex session.

And before he massacred Route 91 Harvest music festival revelers from his Mandalay Bay Hotel room window in October 2017, he started sending her disturbing messages.

He last contacted her via text in the early hours of September 29, 2017, the woman told DailyMailTV. Less than 48 hours later, he would rain terror down on the Las Vegas strip as he shot dead 58 people and left 850 injured from his 32nd-floor hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

With multiple rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition that Paddock had calmly transported through the hotel using its luggage carts, he opened fire on October 1, shortly after 10pm, on the crowd of 22,000 people below attending the Route 91 Harvest country music festival.

At 5:36am on September 29, Paddock texted his mistress. The cell phone number that the text messages came from has been independently verified by using public records. It is listed to an address he shared with Danley in Mesquite, Nevada.

He wrote: ‘I need to talk to you. Please. Call me when you get this. It’ll be good to hear your voice. I need someone to talk to.’

At 5:57am, he then texted: ‘Are you still in Las Vegas? I haven’t been feeling that great and have been struggling a bit lately. It would be good to just hear your voice and hear how you are doing and potentially see each other. Even just for coffee. Please consider it.

Less than ten minutes later, Paddock wrote: ‘Do you still have the same number? It was worth a try. I truly hope you are well, happy and life has been good for you. You’re a good person and I do appreciate everything you have done for me. You have been more than a friend to me and I am sorry for anything I’ve done to hurt you. All the best.’

Concerned about him, Kate offered to travel to Las Vegas, but he told her not to bother.

DailyMailTV has obtained the chilling messages from Paddock to his mistress, with one reading: ‘There are so many people who don’t deserve to be alive.’ 

DailyMailTV has confirmed that the phone number in the texts belonged to Paddock. 

‘There are so many people who don’t deserve to be alive. Too many people are so concerned with themselves,’ Paddock writes. ‘You can be there for everyone but when you need someone there is nobody to be seen. I became a recluse for that reason. The best way to live life is with a wall between you and everyone else. So when they do hurt you, the sting isn’t so bad. 

In other messages he said: ‘People in society have become evil, self loathing, selfish and entitled. 

‘The best way to go about it just disconnecting yourself from other humans. 

‘You will always end up being hurt and disappointed. People these days are evil.’  

He added: ‘I haven’t been feeling that great and have been struggling a bit lately.’

The mistress – a single mom – said: ‘He seemed angry and like he was in a trance. He just seemed out of it.  

‘He was talking about how the Government is evil and the human race is evil.  

Kate said she thought Paddock might not have been sleeping and offered to drive to Nevada to me with him, but he declined.   

‘I was worried so I told him I was going to come anyway,’ she said. ‘He told me again it was best I didn’t. 

‘We fought a bit and I just stopped responding.’

After hearing about the mass shooting at the country concert, she said it hadn’t dawned on her that the culprit was her lover. 

‘I didn’t even put two and two together when there was a shooting in Vegas,’ she said. 

‘I feel horrible. Part of me wonders if the fight is what set him off. 

She said her guilt led her to move overseas.  

His mistress added: ‘I’ve spent quite a while now feeling like the worst person in the world and having nightmares about what happened. 

‘I was his mistress for a few years.’ 

This comes as rapper Eminem was slammed for reenacting the Las Vegas massacre in a music video for his new song Darkness released Friday. 

In the video, Eminem takes on the role of mass killer Paddock and portrays him opening fire on the crowd.

Paddock had met the single mom in 2013 in Miami. 

He hooked up with the then 23-year-old again in Vegas weeks later and again in Los Angeles in 2016 before she became alarmed by his erratic behavior. 

‘I knew he was becoming unhinged the days, weeks leading up to what happened but at the time I didn’t think he was capable of doing what he did. 

‘But looking back now knowing what I know the signs were there and I overlooked them and I feel absolutely horrific. 

‘I thought I might be able to start sleeping easier if I get it all off my chest. 

Recalling how they met, she said: ‘I was in Miami on work and he was in town for a few days. 

‘My friend and I were at the hotel bar really drunk and we were buying everyone in the bar drinks. 

‘When I sat down in the bar Stephen was sitting next to me. We struck up a conversation. I’ve always been an avid hunter and have a collection of firearms, most I inherited from my grandfather. 

‘We shared a passion and I’m always way friendlier than I should be and it has gotten me into trouble several times.’

Kate described herself and Paddock as ‘sloppy drunk’ and said she invited him back to their hotel room where they ended up having sex.   

She said that when he went to leave, Paddock offered her money and she was taken by surprise.  

‘I assumed it was for the drinks and then realized he thought we were hookers. 

‘I handed the money back and laughed it off.’ 

The two kept in contact after their trysts. 

‘I’ve always dated older men, not that old though,’ she said of their 37-year age gap. ‘But we seemed to just mesh and spent all day texting the next few weeks. 

‘A few weeks later after Miami he was flying to Vegas and asked if I wanted to come as they had some cool shooting ranges. I declined. 

‘He said he’d cover all expenses and I’d have my hotel room and I could bring a friend. I stupidly ended up going on my own,’ she said. 

‘I spent two days with him. We kept texting after but we kind of fell apart after a few months of texting back and forth.’ 

The mistress said Paddock got back in touch in 2016 but he seemed like a ‘different person’. 

‘It was really bizarre. He seemed like a different person. The first time we meshed he seemed more open but this time he seemed like he was unhinged or disconnected. 

‘He seemed unhappy and angry. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. He said he missed me and wanted to see me. 

‘I was single and was starting to think about moving overseas. I was keen to see him again.’ 

Kate was living in Los Angeles at the time and said Paddock came to visit her.  

‘We had sex again and we spent hours just talking about life. 

‘And he was talking about how the world is evil and the human race is selfish and evil and how he felt like he didn’t fit in this world anymore,’ she said. 

She described Paddock as an ’empty shell with no soul’.

‘It was almost like there was nothing of what made him Stephen there anymore, it was like a blank stare. 

‘We went to have sex again and he started to tie my hands up and told me to shush when I tried to speak and pull my hands away. 

‘I started getting nervous and was trying to pull away because he had this blank stare in his eyes. I asked him to untie me but got no reaction. 

‘I said I needed some water so he grabbed a water bottle and poured the bottle of water over my face. I inhaled some of the water and started coughing immediately. 

‘He seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in and untied me. I told him I was tired and we went to sleep but I ended up not sleeping. 

‘We met up a few more times. I also found out he had a partner. But he said he was planning on leaving her and she was a gold digger and was draining his money. 

‘I knew there was something wrong, I thought maybe he was becoming manic but I never thought he was homicidal or suicidal.’


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