Long John Silver’s manager ‘stole $50,000 from restaurant by adding her boyfriend’s name to payroll’


A Pennsylvania woman is accused of stealing more than $50,000 from Long John Silver’s by using her managerial position to put her prison boyfriend on payroll. 

Michele Krzewinski, of Siglo, was arrested by the Butler Township Police after they conducted an investigation into the 48-year-old. 

Long John Silver’s tipped off authorities after discovering an unidentified man had been added to the payroll despite never working at a chain restaurant.

Detective Max Wittlinger said Krzewinski used her position to secretly collect money and send it to different locations for her lover. 

‘She was in a position where she could hire and fire employees for Long John Silver’s,’ Whittlinger said. 

‘She was in charge of about 10 stores. She met this guy in state prison and decided she was going to put him on as an employee.’ 

It’s unclear how long Krzewinski was collecting the fraudulent paychecks, how long the couple has been dating or why the scheme was created in the first place.

‘Love makes you do some crazy things, I guess,’ Whittlinger said. 

Authorities tracked down Krzewinski’s boyfriend to the Philadelphia area and will bring him back to Butler County to face charges. 

It was revealed that Krzewinski is being investigated for similar crimes in a nearby county.


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