Louis CK cancels six sold out shows on his first comeback tour after admitting sexual misconduct


Louis CK has cancelled six sold out shows the comedian was to perform in Texas on his first comeback tour after sexual harassment allegations were made against him by five women, whom he admitted he masturbated in front of. 

CK was to perform at the Houston Improv starting Thursday.

However, an email that went out to ticket holders said the performances, which ran through Sunday, were cancelled. 

The cancellations were due to an ‘unforeseen family emergency’, reports TMZ.

No additional explanation was offered.  

Ticket holders were offered refunds, or a chance to see CK when he reschedules, TMZ reports. 

CK’s website indicates the shows were sold out, but does not say they are cancelled. 

The affected ticket holders were invited to still come to the venue to see CK’s replacement, comedian Joe Machi, free of charge, TMZ reports.

Machi, according to his bio on the venue’s website, recently made his network television debut on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show Night Starring Jimmy Fallon’. 

The 52-year-old CK, also a writer, actor and filmmaker, had been one of the biggest names in comedy until his reputation was tainted with a bombshell New York Times investigation in which his alleged victims made their accusations, which he later confessed was true.

CK laid low for about nine months after the November 2017 story, and then returned to the stand-up stage, without giving up his signature brash style to performing. 

In Tampa, Florida, a year ago, he touched on his sketchy past, joking that a good way to make people forget that he masturbated in front of women was to ‘tell a joke about some kids that got shot at a school’, according to the Tampa Times.

‘That’s worse…They tend to forget the first thing,’ he added as the crowd laughed.

He was referencing one of his comeback shows, where he made fun of the fatal high school shootings in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 people dead and 17 people hurt. 

‘You’re not interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot’.

‘You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I gotta listen to you talking,’ he added in the December 2018 act, sparking outrage.

He then started off on his first comeback tour late last year, which included both domestic and international dates.

CK’s website indicated the tour kicked off in Richmond, Virginia, on November 2, and continued on making several stops in US cities before heading off to Israel, Italy and Slovakia. 

He then returned to the states for several more dates through April, before a planned return to Europe and Scandinavia. 




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