Man tried to stop pit bull dog attack on neighbour but killed him


A Massachusetts man was accidentally killed by his neighbor who fired an arrow from his crossbow in an attempt to save the victim from being mauled by two pit bulls. 

Authorities said they received calls reporting a dog attack at a home along Bellevue Avenue Wednesday afternoon. 

When officers arrived to the scene they found two male pit bulls fighting, according to 

The dogs, which had a history of being aggressive, then tried to attack responding officers and the K-9 unit before officers opened fire on the animals. 

Authorities then found the man’s body inside his apartment. Police said the man appeared to have been shot and killed by an arrow from a crossbow. 

An unharmed child was also found in the home.

According to the DA’s office, investigators believe the neighbor called police after hearing the commotion. 

He then reportedly entered the apartment and shot at the dogs, striking one, with an arrow.  

The arrow that struck the dog appeared to have traveled through a door and struck the victim who was attempting to barricade himself in a room. 

‘Early indications are that the death is accidental and the neighbor is cooperating with authorities,’ Andrew McKeever, a spokesman for the Berkshire district attorney’s office, said. 

The victim’s name has not been released. 


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