Mother of Harry Dunn, 19, speaks out about US diplomat’s wife Anne Sacoolas


Harry Dunn’s mother yesterday said she is more determined than ever to secure justice after the American diplomat wanted over her son’s death was pictured on the school run in Virginia.

The Daily Mail tracked Anne Sacoolas, 42, down six months after she fled Britain following her fatal car crash.

Mrs Sacoolas reportedly admitted being on the wrong side of the road when she hit 19-year-old Harry’s motorbike outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in August. She fled the UK citing diplomatic immunity due to her husband Jonathan’s role as an intelligence officer at the base.

The mother of three is facing a charge of causing death by dangerous driving – but has refused to return to Britain. Washington has refused an extradition request, however, and she was back on the school run yesterday after the Mail published photographs of her filling up her SUV near her £700,000 home in a suburb of Washington DC.

Last night Charlotte Charles, 44, told the Mail: ‘As a mother and as a human being, I do not understand how a fellow human being can behave the way she is. It’s like she is moving on as if the whole thing never happened.

‘I am so angry today having seen those photographs – and beside myself with embarrassment that we tried so hard in the days after Harry died, in our darkest hour, to think of her and her family and help her through what happened.

‘But our resolve stiffens and determination strengthens more and more each day.

‘No one is above the law and we will not stop until she is back facing justice like any of us would have to do.’ She added: ‘I hope against hope that Anne Sacoolas will wake up one day and do the right thing regardless of what advice she is getting.’

Last night Boris Johnson’s spokesman said the Prime Minister was still pressing the US to return Mrs Sacoolas to the UK, stressing that he and the Foreign Secretary ‘both raised this case with [US Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo last week’. Radd Seiger, the Dunn family’s spokesman, said: ‘Every single option available is being reviewed. The British authorities could try her in her absence and issue an Interpol red notice… the other thing we are doing is we’re blockading the base [RAF Croughton].

‘We are not going to have these bases with these people thinking they can kill our children and leave with impunity.’

The comments came after Mr Sieger and Lisa Bloom, who represents victims of Jeffrey Epstein, issued a joint call for Mrs Sacoolas and Prince Andrew to co-operate with the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.



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