Mother pens letter thanking the Amazon Prime delivery guy who played basketball with her son


A mother of four has written an open letter to the Amazon Prime delivery guy who kindly stopped to play basketball with her son — before returning with a brand new ball for him to shoot around with. 

Ember Robbins, 27, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, took to Facebook on January 28 to share a heartwarming photo of the man playing basketball with her son and his friends while his Amazon truck was parked at the curb. 

In her now-viral message, the mom revealed that the kindhearted stranger lifted her son’s spirits at a time when he was dealing with a malicious classmate. 

‘Dear Amazon Prime Guy,’ she wrote, ‘You have NO IDEA what you just did when you took a minute to slam dunk + shoot a couple hoops with my son and his friends, just to return an hour later with a brand new basketball for him since it was worn out and going flat.

‘What you don’t know is that my son had a really hard day at school today.. He’s been dealing with a classmate being mean to him for a few days now, and you did what I tried to but couldn’t,’ she continued. 

‘You turned his whole day around. Probably his whole week. I wish I would have asked your name, because the world should know what a good human you are and I would have loved to personally thank you.’

Hundreds of people praised the man while commenting on Ember’s post.

‘Thank you for your beautiful heart and wonderful kindness,’ one person wrote. 

‘So sweet!! So glad he knows how much it meant!! All the Amazon drivers in my neighborhood are awesome people!!’ another added. 

Amazon later re-posted the story on its Facebook page with the hashtag ‘#DeliveringSmiles.’ 

Ember, who is mom to sons Masen, Maddex, Jaxen, and Axel, gave her fans an update a few days later, saying the Amazon Prime guy had been found. 

The soon-to-be mother of five said he messaged her after her post went viral, and she was ‘officially able to say thank you.’ 

In a more recent post, Ember revealed that the man’s name is Jeremy Bronner and he is an army veteran, a volunteer firefighter, and a full-time student. 

‘Amazon was only a temporary side gig, and one that he had planned on walking away from long before my story was shared,’ she explained.      

The mom said that in the midst of her story going viral, Jeremy left Amazon and because he is no longer one of the company’s employees, local news channel interviews with him have been canceled. 

Ember claimed her son was ‘super-hyped’ to meet Jeremy and share what happened with everyone, but Amazon won’t give her his contact information.  

She stressed that Jeremy was the one who played with her son and took time out of his break to buy him a new basketball — not Amazon.  

‘Being the author of this story makes me feel obligated to make sure each and everyone knows that Amazon didn’t do a damn thing for my son,’ she wrote. 

‘Jeremy was “The Amazon Prime Guy” because I didn’t know him as anything more at the time but he is much more, and he is the reason for all of this. He still deserves the recognition. No matter who he is employed with. End of story.’ has reached out to Amazon for comment.  


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