Mystery driver gives autistic boy a ride in his Lamborghini


An autistic boy was given a once in a lifetime experience after a stranger let him sit in his $700,000 Lamborghini.

The 12-year-old was at a BP petrol station with his parents in Goodna, in Ipswich, Queensland on Monday when he saw the luxurious car.

After seeing the look of happiness on the young child’s face, the driver of the car let him hop in and turn the engine on.

The parent posted a photo to Facebook saying it was rare for him to get excited because of his disability.

‘He is autistic, so to get excited is awesome,’ his parent wrote.

The man was driving a blue convertible Lamborghini when he pulled up to the fuel station.

He initially asked the disabled boy to guess where the hidden door handle was.

The driver then invited the boy to sit inside the passenger’s seat.

‘I couldn’t wipe that smile off his face,’ the boy’s parent said.

The 12-year-old was lucky enough to sit in the Lamborghini’s driver seat and turn the car on.

The car owner said if he had enough time he would have loved to take the boy for a ride. 

‘So a big thank you to this total stranger for giving him the best day of his life,’ the parent said.

The family didn’t know the Lamborghini’s owner but said he was ‘an awesome person’ who gave their son a day he would never forget.




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