Nancy Pelosi’s daughter says mother’s shredding of Trump’s speech was ‘an Italian grandma move’


The daughter of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has described her mother’s shredding of President Trump’s State of the Union speech as an ‘Italian grandma move’. 

Christine Pelosi, who works as a strategist for the Democratic Party, made the comments praising her mother in an interview on Fox News on Thursday. 

Pelosi made clear what she thought of Trump’s address on Tuesday when she ripped up a copy of his speech while standing behind him. 

She later told reporters: ‘It was a manifesto of mistruths.’ 

The action was hailed as a power move by Pelosi’s supporters, while she received criticism from the right for being ‘inappropriate’ and ‘disrespectful.’ 

Daughter Christine admitted she had ‘no idea’ her mother was going to do that. 

‘In watching that, her reaction to that speech, I thought to myself, that’s an ‘Italian grandma move,” she said. 

Christine Pelosi added: ‘I saw my grandmother do that years ago in her kitchen when there was a guest at my grandfather’s house … who was rude. 

‘She picked up the person’s plate without comment, we heard a crashing sound. She threw the plate away, sat down and didn’t say another word.’ 

Pelosi also thew her support behind her mother’s decision to push for the impeachment of Trump. ‘It’s not a mistake to stand up for America. It’s not a mistake to stand up for the truth …,’ she said. 

‘Point is, whether it is or isn’t, the most important poll will be on Election Day in November.’ 

Two freshman House Democrats confronted Nancy Pelosi on Thursday over her ripping up the text of Trump’s address,telling the speaker her actions were ‘inappropriate’ and ‘disrespectful.’

Reps. Joe Cunningham of South Carolina and Ben McAdams of Utah confronted Pelosi on the House floor when lawmakers were voting on a Republican resolution that expressed disapproval of the speaker’s tearing up the president’s remarks. 

Democrats easily defended the GOP effort to publicly chastise Pelosi, voting to table the resolution 224 to 193.



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