Netflix gives viewers the option to switch off autoplay for previews when they are selecting a show


Netflix will finally give viewers the option of turning off its autoplay function for previews for its show.  

The streaming provider became a source of irritation for many users after viewers would be scrolling through an endless list of titles only to have the shows previews start playing in the background on its homepage. 

Netflix introduced the option of being able to disable the autoplay of the next episode in a series since 2014 but this new option will allow watchers to browse through the index of offerings in peace. 

Netflix announced the news in a tweet: ‘Some people find this feature helpful. Others not so much. We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear — members can now control whether or not they see autoplay previews on Netflix.’ 

Netflix also posted a link to a guide for how to switch off the feature.

The news was greeted with approval on Twitter but now more demands are being made of the streaming service including the option to listen to the end credits of a show. 

‘Skipping end credits should be opt-in. Anything else is disrespectful to the crew. The music that plays during the end credits is like the punctuation at the end of a sentence,’ wrote one.

‘Can you also please let us disable the Ad screens that interrupt the credits of movies/final episodes? They seriously kill the mood,’ asked another.

‘I would also love an option to not see the ‘skip intro’ button. Intros set the mood and are an integral part of each show. Think of The Office theme. If everyone skipped it, it wouldn’t be as iconic as it is.’  

Last month Netflix announced that it had changed its method for calculating views on shows, with users now only having to stream a title for at least two minutes for it to be counted among the ratings.

In the streaming giant’s quarterly letter to shareholders, it stated that the new metric has boosted its ratings by 35 per cent.

The new method is indicative of the popularity of a show, not the viewership, and is similar to the way other media players count views.

Before the new method for counting views was implemented, a user would have had to stream at least 70 per cent of a show to be counted. But Netflix said that 120 seconds in the first 28 days after its release is still ‘long enough to indicate the choice was intentional’. 


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