New Kraft Mac & Cheese ad promises to help parents GET IT ON this Valentine’s Day


Kraft’s latest ad for its beloved macaroni and cheese is a bit… sexier than most people are used to.

The brand has released a new 30-second commercial announcing its Big Bowl Macaroni & Cheese, which is a heartier option than its microwavable Easy Mac cups.

And more noodles and cheese means kids get fed and put to bed quicker — leaving plenty of time for ‘some uninterrupted Mommy-Daddy Time’ this Valentine’s Day.

The new ad begins with a scene from last Valentine’s Day. A mother is laying in bed in a pink robe, while her husband is already asleep with a magazine open on his chest.

Their young son is between them, laughing as he watches something funny on a tablet. 

‘Romantic, isn’t it?’ the mother says.

‘But this year, nothing’s getting in the way of a little horizontal refreshment,’ she adds, walking into the kitchen.

‘Because for Valentine’s Day, Kraft is helping parents everywhere with new Big Bowls. With more noodles and cheese so you can get them fed, get them to bed, and get it on,’ she says, raising her eyebrows provocatively.

‘Who knew things could get so hot in only three and a half minutes?’ she asks, sitting at the kitchen table while her son eats — and her husband looks at her knowingly.

Kraft said that it found that 86 per cent of parents want to ‘get intimate’ on Valentine’s Day, but children stop a quarter of them from doing so. 

‘We decided to launch our new Kraft Big Bowls early to give parents what they really want on Valentine’s Day, some time to get it on,’ Kelsey Cooperstein, Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz, said in a press release. 

‘Kraft Big Bowls is an easy and kid-pleasing dinner solution with even more cheese and noodles than our microwavable Easy Mac cups, so parents can put their kids to bed and enjoy a night of romance.’

Kraft is also holding sweepstakes ahead of the holiday, in which winners can receive the new Big Bowls as well as romantic goodies like candles, rose petals, and a card.

The only catch? The new Big Bowls aren’t actually available to buy until the day after Valentine’s Day. They go on sale online on February 15, and will hit retailers in March.



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