Owner reunited with lost dog TWO YEARS after the beloved pet went missing – thanks to Facebook group


A dog owner was able to track down her beloved pooch who had been missing for more than two years thanks to the help of a Facebook group.

The footage of Rebecca Bien was recorded at the Louisville Metro Animal Shelter, Kentucky, as she was reunited with her five-year-old Heeler-Collie-cross called Emmy Lou in January.

It shows the dog sniffing Rebecca’s hand before frantically wagging her tail and pushing against the cage door as she recognizes Rebecca, who bursts into tears.

Once out of the cage a delighted Emmy Lou jumps up at her long-lost owner and licks her.  

The heartwarming video begins with the 27-year-old can be seen walking down the corridor of the animal shelter guided by a female member of staff. 

Her friend, who is behind the camera, says: ‘Hey Rebecca, who are you going to get?’

Rebecca turns her head and says ‘Emmy’ as she smiles and shrugs her shoulder excitedly.

They carry on walking until the member of staff stops to open a door on the left-hand side of the hall. 

The group walk through to see a series of metal cages as the dogs begin to bark in the background.

The woman points at the third cage along and says: ‘And it’s this one right here. 

She takes a step back to allow Rebecca to get closer.

She walks toward the cage with her arm extended to let the dog sniff her hand and says: ‘Emmy? Is that Emmy? Sweetheart?’

The pooch wags its tail as Rebecca crouches to the floor. 

She continues: ‘It has been two years but it looks like her.’

Emmy begins to sniff around more frantically in excitement as she starts to recognize Rebecca’s scent.

The dog briefly stands on her hind legs and pushes against the door of the cage as Rebecca bursts into tears.

The clip then cuts to Rebecca being crouched on the floor once again with Emmy now free from her cage.

The dog swamps Rebecca and showers her with affection by licking her face and jumping up on her legs erratically.

Rebecca says: ‘You want to go home? I love you.’ 

Emmy stands on her hind legs as Rebecca affectionately scratches and hugs her, which is where the video ends. 

The pair had been apart since September 2017 when Emmy Lou went missing during a storm in the Louisville area.

Rebecca, along with her friends and family, had spent days trying to track her down by issuing flyers and posting adverts on Craigslist – but they had no luck.

She decided to set up a Facebook page titled ‘Help Find Emmy Lou Harris (The Dog)’ which swelled to around 1,000 members. 

Those most active, who became known as ‘Emmy’s Angels’, would meet up and search for Emmy across the area, some driving, some walking. 

There was eventually a report of a sighting around Christmas time last year, which prompted one of Emmy’s Angels to check the local animal shelter listings.

It was then that Rebecca was able to track down a dog matching Emmy Lou’s description. 

Rebecca, who now lives in Franklin, Kentucky, said: ‘I hope this story inspires hope to everyone missing their best friend tonight.

‘If I may give my best advice, for the finders of lost animals, I urge you strongly to please take the animals to a vet or a shelter to be scanned for a chip. 

‘They will also give time for the owners to contact them in search for their baby. 

‘To those who have lost their animals, be strong – social media is your best friend. 

‘Reach out to other animal lovers who will sympathize and actively help you search. 

‘And do not be fooled by false ransom notes – people can be cold in the face of sorrow.’


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