Pedestrian makes a VERY unconvincing attempt at slipping on ice and falling in front of a car 


A woman who was apparently trying to stage an accident has been captured making a less than impressive attempt to ‘fall’ in front of a moving car.

In dashcam footage recorded in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, the female pedestrian is seen carefully making her way to the ground as a vehicle approaches.  

Within seconds of her ‘slip’ on Tuesday, which includes her spinning around to lay perfectly on her back, two people appear and smoothly pick her up.

Footage shows the car driving down a road as a woman in the distance, wearing a long black coat, stands in the middle of two lanes on a stretch of icy ground.

However when she prepares to step into the lane of the oncoming car, she bends her knee and makes her way to the ground as if imitating a slip on the ice.

During the ‘fall’ she even puts her hands down to assist in the fall and makes sure to touch the ground first with her knee before spinning onto her side.

She rolls over, briefly throwing her hands up in the air, before settling on her back with her toes pointed straight up while laying in the traffic.

The car then slows down and stops a few metres away from the pedestrian and within seconds other people have arrived to help her up from the floor.

A woman runs to her aid and is shortly followed by a man who throws his arms out as if to stop traffic, although the car has already paused.

This man tries to pick the woman who fell over up and another person, who was looking at his phone, also comes to help.

With the assistance of the other woman they manage to lift the ‘fallen’ pedestrian and carry her to the side of the road.

As she’s moved the lady flashes a glimpse of her face and grey wooly hat to the camera and doesn’t appear to be flustered or put up a struggle as she’s lifted. 

Once she is out of the way the driver – who has recorded the entire incident on their dashcam – pulls over to the right hand lane.

It is thought that after capturing the event on camera the driver called the police to report it. 


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