People are giving bouquets of CHICKEN NUGGETS for Valentine’s Day


Nothing says romance like a bouquet of flowers — for some girls, at least.

For another type of girl, the way to her heart — and her stomach — is a bouquet of tasty chicken nuggets.

According to Delish, more and more lovebirds are exchanging the delicious fried food bouquets for special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and of course, Valentine’s Day.

Dozens of lucky recipients have shared photos of their bouquets on Instagram.

Nearly all of them have chicken nuggets speared on sticks and arranged in a bouquet like flowers, but some have other additions too.

A few also have fries, some are mixed in with flowers, and others are a mix of nuggets and chocolates.

And unlike floral bouquets — which are traditionally a more female-friendly gift — nugget bouquets clearly appeal to both sexes. 

In the age of Instagram, quite a few non-floral bouquets have popped on the internet. 

Stuffed Ice Cream in Manhattan’s East Village has earned Insta-foodie props for its ice cream cone bouquets, which come piled with up to 20 scoops of ice cream.

Then there are several online companies that sell meat bouquets, including Say It With Beef, which makes bouquets of beef jerky roses and daises for $53 each. 

Each one is handcrafted with over a half a pound of jerky, and they come in a pint glass or beer mug instead of a vase, which can be used again when the jerky is gone.

Another brand, the Manly Man Company, is also offering half-pound daisy and rose bouquets of jerky. 

In 2018, Villa Italian Kitchen gave away edible ‘floral’ arrangements made entirely out of pizza to a select number of brides.

The chain promised that the very unique bouquets were ‘perfect for any couple looking to add some fun and flavor to their big day’.

Each one was made entirely of bite-size slices and decorated with deconstructed ingredients, like tomatoes and pepperoni.

Along with a pizza bouquet, winners also got a boutonniere made out of pizza.


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