Puppy looks like an evil movie villain due to his raised black eyebrow 


A two-year-old Chihuahua with a prominent black eyebrow is often confused for a Disney movie villain, his owner claims. 

When Natnicha Namakprasert, 29, was looking to adopt a dog, one adorable little pup raised a few eyebrows.

Lucky, a mixed-breed Chihuahua, was born in Bangkok, Thailand with a prominent, jet-black eyebrow over his right eye.

Looking more like a sinister movie villain with an evil scheme than a household pup, Lucky’s inquisitive face only helped Natnicha fall more in love with the dastardly looking dog.

Natnicha said: ‘The first time I saw his eyebrow, I thought it was unique. Along with his blue eyes, I thought he was amazing and drove me crazy so I wanted to adopt him.

‘Most people say funny things like he was rushing to be born, so he couldn’t draw another eyebrow in time, or some people said he should be a villain in a Disney cartoon.’ 

When the dog was first taken in by an adoption company in August last year, an internet post from a worker at the centre went viral over the pup’s rare features.  

At the time, people drew comparisons to a villain out of a Hollywood movie.

The dog, who was called Lucky while at the rescue house, has markings that make him look as if he has two completely different faces – an ordinary Chihuahua and a James Bond villain.

Astonishing photos show that Lucky has one brown-coloured eye, while the other is a vivid blue.   

One of the pictures of the pooch on Facebook got over 11,000 likes and over 600 comments.

One Facbeook user said: ‘Looks like an evil master mind’ while another said ‘OBVIOUSLY a Bond villain.’  

The post was also flooded with comments from people exclaiming how ‘cute’ they found the pooch.

‘He looks like me in the morning when I’m trying to do my make up and get distracted. So cute!!’ one person wrote. 







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